Move over Pat Farmer, now Samantha Gash announces Run India


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Pat Farmer, Australia’s ultra marathon runner, is about to finish his 4,600 km marathon run in India having started on January 26 for a 64-day marathon starting from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. He will reach  Kashmir on March 30 as he completes a 80-km  a day run as whole of India ran along with him in a marathon which has been highly publicised by the support of Indian Tourism Ministry. Pat’s run is branded as ‘Spirit of India’ run though he  has worked hard to collect funds for Nanhi Kali – an organisation involved with  education of    girl child.

And now we have Samantha Gash all charged up to do a 4,000km run from the west of India to its  east.

Australian ultramarathon runner Samantha Gash will be announcing her her Run India project ”“ an ultramarathon across India for World Vision’s 50th Anniversary ”“ at 5pm today at the Sydney Nike Run Club, Hyde Park Barracks.
Samantha will be running around 4,000km across India from West to East in August this year, starting from one of the driest deserts on earth (Jaisalmer, Rajasthan) and ending at the wettest place on earth (Mawsynram, Meghalaya). She will be the first female ever to run from West to East.
Along the journey she will be shining a spotlight on the barriers to quality education for children in India and raising money for World Vision projects that tackle these barriers.
“During my run I will be exploring the highly complex challenges to accessing quality education. Factors such as malnutrition, access to appropriate water and sanitation, and gender bias all play a part in whether a child can receive an education,” commented Samantha.
“India is such a culturally and geographically diverse country and I knew from my first trip in 2011 that one day I wanted to go back to explore that diversity on foot.”
In 2012 Samantha became the youngest Australian woman to run across the Simpson Desert (379km) and in 2014 she ran across South Africa (2350km), so she is not shy of a challenge, but India will be her biggest run and charity project yet.
Samantha will run on average 50kms a day for an expedition that is around 75 days in length. She hopes to create a mini-series or documentary at the completion of the journey.
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