MP Craig Laundy celebrates Holi with Sydney’s Indian community

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By Manju Mittal

The festival of colours arrived at the Concord Function Hall on Wednesday March 23, 2016 the actual day of the Holi festival Indians enjoy all over the world including India, with a number of Political leaders joining members of the Indo-Australia community to play the festival of colour Holi.

Holi is perhaps the one festival that elicits the most mixed emotions, people just love it and miss it like anything being away from India. It was a pleasant experience to witnessand be part of an Indo-Aussie style of Holi, a festival of colours of harmony, friendship and its festive spirit.

The venue was decorated with Indian motifs and Holi visuals and the guests were adorned with Holi colours upon their arrival.

The event, an initiative of Pallavi Sinha, where she welcomed the guests and said “I suggested to Craig Laundy MP that as part of his engagement strategy with Reid and the broader Indian subcontinent community, a dinner be held to celebrate Holi, especially as Indians are the fastest growing ethnic community in Australia and make a positive contribution to Australia in numerous fields. It is a testament to the great MP he is, that he agreed to this, and great for the Indian community that they can celebrate Holi with the Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs”.

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Pallavi also said that “It seemed like a “wedding” in that Craig Laundy was being wedded to the “Indian community” and is now even more aware of a festival that is important to the Indian community”. She added that Craig and Suzie looked like a couple getting married again.

Emcee and the event organiser Pallavi Sinha welcomed Craig Laundy, Suzie Laundy and Alex Hawke MP on the stage. A traditional welcome began by Sydney’s well known anchor Divya Dhingra applying a gulal ( colour ) on their faces, and they proudly carried gulal throughout their stay at the event.

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Craig then praised Indian community and its contributions and how the festivals such as Holi “bring in true multicultural joyous occasions for the rest of us to celebrate along with you”.   Minister also spoke of friendship, love and harmony, while explaining how Holi is played by Indians regardless of age, gender, caste and religion. Alex Hawke MP said “I am happy to be here and share Holi celebrations with members of the Indian community”. He also added “Particularly in light of what happened in Brussels recently, it’s important to function as a harmonious multicultural success story”.

A well choreographed Indian dance performance followed by Sydney’s young talented dancer Pradnya Dugal and Darshani, adding an extra touch of Bollywood colour to an eventful evening. Popular brother sister team Shobha Ingleshwar and Kedarnath Pagdinnamath entertained us with beautiful renditions.

The event was remarkable and vibrant, with inspiring messages. Pallavi thanked the Federal Ministers and appreciated the role of volunteers and members of the Reid FEC in assisting with the event. Pallavi also acknowledged the attendees and the important role of the Indian subcontinent media, especially in keeping us up-to-date with current affairs and community issues. This dinner is an important way to recognize the positive contribution that the Indian community makes to Australia in numerous fields.

The night ended with dancing on Bollywood hits and the guests weren’t ready for the party to end. The delicious catering was looked after by Manjit Gujral. Craig Laundy MP and Suzie Laundy presented Pallavi Sinha with flowers to appreciate the time and energy for organising the event. It was incredible to see everyone and most of all smeared in colours and smiling only because it is the festival of Holi.




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