Indian ragas have the power to heal: Madhvi Mohindra

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Sydneysiders at Madhvi  Mohindra’s ‘Healing with Ragas’ workshop

By Rekha Rajvanshi

Music not only entertains us, it lifts our mood, reduces anxiety,  raises motivation and helps combat insomnia  and depression.

A recent study by Stanford University shows that depressed patients  gain self-esteem and their mood improves after music therapy.

On 16th May 2016, INNER GLANCE, Dr. Madhvi Mohindra’s  organization launched mental health and counseling services  through a workshop ”˜Healing with Ragas.’  This was the first ever  workshop on this important subject in Australia. In the workshop,  Madhvi Mohindra explained how Music and Music therapy works.

She highlighted how stress, depression and anxiety are affecting  Australian people. According to Australian Psychology Society,  the social and economic cost of depression in Australia is staggering.

Depression costs the Australian economy approximately $12.6 billion  per year and accounts for up to six million working days of lost  productivity (, and there are significant  personal and social costs to individuals and their families, which are  associated with depression. Madhvi mentioned that anger and  irritability play a big role in family conflict, while high levels of  anxiety and panic attacks may lead to heightened dependence on  family members. In a substantial number of cases, risk of suicide  also puts the family on high alert and can lead to high levels of  stress amongst family members. She informed audience that  cheaper alternatives such as music therapy are also available to  solve such problems.

Madhvi has a PhD in Music (Therapeutic effect of music on stress  depression and anxiety) and believes that Indian Classical Music  Therapy is an effective therapeutic tool. Not many people  understand the importance of music therapy. Raga performances  create sensations in human mind. The raga-generated sensations  are different for different ragas. Indian Raga therapy is 4000 BC  old and it is mentioned in the Veda ”˜Saamved.’ Madhvi explained  how ragas affect our body, behavior and brain. She said music  can impact different people’ thoughts differently and the  imbalanced body Chakras can be balanced with Music therapy.

Madhvi is a passionate music therapist and offers free  workshops,  her mantra  she says, “I want to let people know  the benefits of music and Ragas as a therapeutic tool.  I am open to come and do free workshops at people’s  workplaces or organizations. If they want to contact me  they can go to our website and send us an e-mail.”

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