Mohan family wins cash, car and hearts on Family Feud


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The Mohan family. From left Preethi (captain), Shilpa, Ajay and Mohan

By Kersi Meher-Homji

For five days in April the Mohan family from Wentworth Point, NSW, were in limelight as they won a cash of almost $25,000 plus a Mitsubishi car on Family Feud show on TV Channel 10.

They were Mohan, his daughters Preethi and Shilpa and Preethi’s husband Ajay. Preethi was the team captain.

Family Feud is an Australian game show. It began airing on Network Ten on 14 July 2014, in which the premiere was simulcast on Ten’s digital channels 11 and 1.

Hosted by the energetic and bubbly Grant Denyer, the game show provides entertainment for the viewers. It is aired between 6 to 6.30 pm from Sunday to Friday.

Two families of four are brought together and go head-to-head answering questions that have been previously put to 100 average people, to determine the most popular responses. The winning family could win $10,000 if they score over 200 points in the final Fast Money round of 45 seconds and a car if they win five nights in a row.

It is not a quiz show nor does it require in-depth knowledge or super intelligence. It requires quick thinking under pressure. Some examples:

how would you describe the Sydney Harbour Bridge (answers: coat-hanger, iconic, spectacular, arched…); name a word or words following “three” (cheers, musketeers, blind mice, wise men, coins in the fountain), what makes people envious of others (money, posh cars, fame, looks, assets…), type of book people not using any more (encyclopaedia, dictionary, bible, ”˜Gregory’, phone book, diary…) and so on.

Ajay impressed host Denyer when he said that earlier on he had played social cricket with Indian Test cricketer Murali Vijay.

To quote Denyer when hosting the 500th show on 22nd April, “Family Feud is a fantastic show that the entire family can truly sit down all together and enjoy. I think viewers will love how fast and funny this new series is. Hilarious and unexpected answers are the brilliance of this show; you can never anticipate what falls out of someone’s mouth under pressure and neither can they. It’s really fun to watch, it’s incredibly enjoyable to play along with at home and I think that it’s a perfect family alternative for 6 pm.”

The Mohan family was shown competing on Channel 10 on April 13, 14 15, 17 and 18. Not only did they win cash (nearly $25,000) and a new Mitsubishi car worth $30,000 but also hearts of viewers with their ready wit and infectious charm.

Game show host Grant Denyer put the studio audience in raptures by teasing the attractive Shilpa who on day one (13 April) got four zeroes in Fast Money. His catch cry of “Doing a Shilpa” resonated well with the studio audience who clapped in unison.

Her four zeroes in a row reminded me of Test cricketer Mark Waugh scoring four consecutive ducks in a Test series against Sri Lanka in 1998 resembling the logo of an “Audi” car (0000) but overcoming it with brilliant batting performances subsequently.

Similarly, Shilpa did a Mark Waugh next day when she flummoxed Grant by getting top scores as the family won $10,000. By beating Tarallo family from Melbourne by 441 points to 120 on their fifth and final night they won a further $10,000 and a new car among incredible jubilations.

[Interview with Preethi will be published in the printed TIDU.]

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