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L-Fresh the Lion grew up in Sydney’s south west. He has a Law degree, and over the last few years has worked within the community helping to advise refugees and settle new migrants.  “I think my identity is a combination of many elements, (…) I was born and brought up in South West Sydney, my parents migrated in the late eighties from Punjab (…) within that, there is Punjabi culture but there is also our faith, Sikhism, which has its own unique culture as well.” L-Fresh is also a hip hop artist.

“How can we become contributors as opposed to  takers so as to make the communities a better place’ he says…



Who are we? And where do we come from? As a multicultural nation, there is an ongoing discussion about what it means to be Australian today.

From 15 May to 5 June, ”˜SBS Explores Identity’ will examine what makes us who we are ”“ from genetics to our cultural roots, from our shared passions to our individual identities ”“ across the network with the flagship documentary DNA Nationat the centre.

To celebrate, SBS Radio takes an authentic look into the real world of modern Australia’s cultural, sub-cultural and passion communities. Through audio, video, online and social media we explore the ”˜new normality’ of modern Australians and aim to demystify stereotypes along the way.

SBS Radio’s in-language programs will talk to people who define themselves by their passions or sub-cultures and will explore the concept of identity; where does our identity come from and what makes us unique?

SBS Director of Audio and Language Content Mandi Wicks said,  “Going beyond our many cultures and religions there are so many passions and sub-cultures that unite us. All our language programs we will be exploring and celebrating these stories on radio, online and on social.”

SBS Radio has created five short identity-themed documentaries as part of the series, which premiere across multiple platforms. The first is available to watch here.

Meet Australian-Sikh activist and hip hop artist L-Fresh the Lion, then social media expert and cosplay artist Ardella, software engineer and hypnotherapist Andrea, cardiothoracic nurse and salsa dancer Michelle, and Muslim/Atheist gay couple, Shadi and Adam.

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