Sri Om Care hosts a fashion parade for Pennant Hills seniors

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Neena Badhwar

The one place that puts a smile on your face, the one that makes you forget your sickness, aches and pains, the one that makes you sing, dance and flaunt your talent, is the Sri Om Care’s Pennant Hills Centre. Its meeting held every Monday of the month swells with members who keenly look forward to the morning  that starts at 10am and finishes at 1.30pm.

On Monday the 24th of May people came dressed to celebrate 80th birthday of Sarla Behan. Sarla is called the Bollywood expert of the group as she knows all the lyrics of old numbers as well as its movie and the singer. She is a quiet person yet a very special member of the group. Not only the cake was cut, there were birthday songs sung for Sarla Behan.

Afterwards the fashion parade started for the elderlies ”“ with background music that ranged from the very old ”˜Shola jo bhadke’ ”˜Baar baar dekho’ to ”˜dil le gayi kudi gujarat di’ or a ”˜sheila ki jawani’.  And it was a perfect romantic interlude when the ”˜Pyar hua iqrar hua’ was played. Out came an umbrella from somewhere and the couple walked with it remembering their young days. It was Shweta’s on the spot choice of music and choreography that helped some unwilling ones also to get up to do the catwalk. The fashion parade was a hit with all, older as well as younger people. Every one tried the catwalk with different walks, different steps to entertain themselves as well as the audience who fervently clapped.

Shweta and Sarjita invited and encouraged even the most hesitant ones  to come up and dance to some energetic Bollywood numbers. The idea is to help people feel young, happy and smile even if there are handicaps in the way ”“ some needing a wheelchair or a walking  stick. Sri Om Care members love the time, the group and the social element full of laughter, fun and joke. Yes even jokes, why not!

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