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Boys looking for girls:

Mat060617AS. Suitable match for our son, Australian Citizen, BCom, LLB, LLM, 5’9’’, age 31, lawyer in a multi-national law firm in Sydney. Seeking preferably local Sydney girl, professionally qualified, age 26-31 years and career-oriented girl from Hindu family. Please reply to

Mat190616SG. Suitable alliance sought from girls 28-30 for a boy 33 years, 5’11”tall, finishing MBBS internship at the end of this year. Family well settled in Australia, Hindu and believes in Indian tradition and well versed in western ways. Girls from similar academic background, preferably from families living in Australia with similar beliefs and respect for Indian culture. Write to; The Indian Down Under PO Box 99 Thornleigh NSW 2120 quoting Mat No.: Mat190616SG

Mat170616MS. Looking for a suitable match for boy, 39 year old, 5’ 8” tall, divorcee. Running an Australian Grill restaurant. Hindu, educated, good traditional values would like a girl from Australia with similar values and traditions. Divorcees can apply. Belongs to well settled family with grandparents and uncles living in Sydney. Write to: The Indian Down Under, PO Box 99, Thornleigh NSW 2120 quoting Mat no.: Mat170616MS.

Mat140616DH.  Qualified professional match for Bengali boy, Australian citizen, 31, 5’10”, Master in Finance, FRM, Manager in a leading bank. Girl should be Hindu, 23 ”“ 28 years, slim, professionally qualified, Australian Citizen or PR. Please send details to ”˜’.

Mat 12. 03092012. SEEKING  match for my brother, Hindu, Gujarati  – Patel, 32, fair, 6 ft, vegetarian, Non smoker, Non drinker, Masters  in Computing Studies, (American citizen). Looking  for a loving Gujarati girl, caring with good  family values, well cultured settled or trying to  settle in USA or Australia.  Email:

Mat 11. 15082012.  MATCH required for an Australian born Hindu boy, 35,   5’6”, doctor, living in Melbourne, never married. Caste no bar. Email :

Mat 10. 29022012.  A 56 yrs, Indian born male, Australian Citizen, Issueless divorcee, living in Melbourne, educated, well settled, working, decent habits is looking for a suitable mature partner. Call: 0450776486 or send text as an SMS to the same number.

Mat 8. 08022012.  Seeking a Hindu girl, vegetarian, preferably Gujarati, with good family values, for my son. He is 36, divorced, no children, fair, 5’8”, well-built, non-smoker, light drinks. He is an Australian citizen, works as a tax consultant and lives with his parents. His two sisters live separately. We have lived in Sydney for 19 years. Contact 0423 328 800 or

Mat 7. 08022012.  Seeking a well qualified Hindu male, aged between 49 ”“ 54, for a very fair, young looking Hindu lady, aged 54 and an Australian citizen. He should be a non smoker and should have strong moral values. Caste no bar. She is an eggetarian, divorced and has a 19 year old daughter living with her. Contact


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Girls looking for Boys:

Mat060617SK. Seeking professional match for Australia born and brought up, Hindu Brahmin girl, Chartered Accountant  25 years old, 5’4”³, working with Bank. Family well settled in Australia for over 27 years. Prefer boy settled in Australia.  Please send details with photo to

Mat060617VP. Seeking professionally qualified match for  attractive and multitalented 31 year old, 5’1”  Hindu Saraswat Brahmin girl. Raised and currently living in Sydney, Australia, she is passionate about her work as a doctor, and enjoys both Australian and traditional Indian cultures. The family are well settled in Sydney and prefer boy having Australian citizenship or PR status. Please email:

Mat060617PJ. Seeking professional match for Australian Citizen, Agarwal Jain girl, never married, Software Engineer  37 years old, 156 cm, working with Bank, as IT Consultant. Family well settled in Australia for over 28 years. Prefer boy settled in Australia, No Bars.  Please send details to

Mat280816SV.  We invite a suitable match for our daughter, 164 cm tall, 33 years this Sept, Chemical Engineer from Uni of Q.   Belongs to a well-settled and respected Hindu family in Australia since 1970.   Comfortable in both Indian and Australian cultures, speaks good Hindi.   Looking for boys from similar background, medico, dentist, IT professionals or in a good business, non-veg, non-smokers are welcome to respond with a photo to

Mat200616VG. Suitable matrimonial alliance sought from boys 30-34 years for a 5’6” tall doctor girl, specialising currently. Belongs to well settled Hindu family and is comfortable with both in Indian as well as western culture. Local boys from similar family background, doctor, lawyer or IT professional are welcome. Write to The Indian Down Under PO Box 99 Thornleigh and quoting Mat No.: Mat200616VG.

Mat16052016MM. match for my daughter Hindu Gujarati  Australian born brought up vegetarian  well cultured  28 year old girl, beautiful, fair, tall 5.7, educated completed Diploma in  Paralegal and also Completed Bachelor of Business and Currently Studying Bachelor of Law – University  of Western Sydney Rose Hill Part time  while working full time with Department of Immigration.  Looking for a Hindu, fair, tall and handsome, vegetarian non smoker and non drinker preferred,  5.10ft to  6  ft. tall highly educated please contact by email –

Mat 15. 150315.  Seeking Groom for a Sikh Khatri Girl. Pooja is the youngest of four Sisters with innate Family values and hails from an Army Family. 36 / 5’5”.   Exceptionally good looking, fair, simple in her demeanour, Family oriented, never married, based in Mumbai.   Presently in Sydney (Turramurra).   She is actively involved in A-Grade Bollywood movie Production.   Independently wealthy.   We are keen to find Pooja a Life-Partner in Australia and would appreciate responses from prospective Grooms from similar backgrounds.   Kindly email your responses and details to

Mat 14. January 2015. Matrimonial alliance invited by Medical Doctor,27, Saraswat, Marathi, from a professionally(not necessarily medical) qualified girl from a reputed Hindu family. Boy 170cm.tall, fair complexioned with medium built. He will like to settle in Sydney or in a bustling township of NSW. Caste,Community no bars. Reply: With Photograph to

Mat 13. August 2014. Match for slim, attractive 27 years old daughter; postgrad medicine, working in a hospital in Sydney. Boy must be  tall and handsome. Professionally qualified and  earning well. Punjabi Brahmin, Khatri, Arora or Sikh backgroud. Australian Citizen. Apply with brief details and phone number

Mat 12. June 2014 Mat 19.  Well settled, Punjabi Khatri family, looking for a professionally qualified match for their beautiful, slim, 30 years, 5’5″ tall daughter, raised and educated in Australia. She is working as a senior associate in a Law firm in Sydney. Mail proposal with education, job details and a recent photo to: or contact 0430 281 175.
Mat 11. June 2014 Mat 20.  Seeking alliance for Hindu, 37 yrs, girl, unmarried, charted accountant, simple, with Indian values and well tuned to western values. Please reply with all details to

Mat 10.12032014.  Match for Australian born 28year old Sydney based Punjabi Bhardwaj girl, Master of law, working for NSW government. Pretty, tall, fair, homely yet modern girl blends in both Indian and western cultures easily, wants a professional, educated and outgoing match. Contact:

Mat 9. 27012013. Jan Mat 7.  Well settled Indian family looking for a suitable match for their 25 year old medico daughter, 5’ 5” tall, born brought up and educated in Australia. Keen in outdoor and sport activities, travel and wants a like-minded Australia educated medico boy. Write to:

Mat 8. 27012013 Jan Mat 6.  Parents seeking match for fair, slim Hindu Sindhi girl 32 years/ 156 cm working as Lecturer in leading University. Permanent resident of Australia with dual degree (Accounts and Finance), fond of sports, traveling and cooking. We are a well knit professional family. Please mail proposal with education, job details with recent photo to:  and Contact no. 0431842458

Mat 7. 16112012 Jan Mat 5.  Parents seeking match for beautiful, multitalented Medical Doctor daughter (age 27) with wider interests in life.   Correspondence requested from medical doctor/ dentist (preference vegetarian) with exclusive profile to:

Mat 6. 16112012.  Seeking a Hindu boy, non vegetarian, preferably Gujarati with good family values for my daughter. She is 33 , divorced, 5’2”³ and well-built. She is an Australian citizen, works as an IT team leader and is well settled in Sydney. If you are interested please contact us on  0404 595 182 or

Mat 5. 02032012.  Highly respected Hindu Punjabi Khatri family, seek a suitable match for daughter, 30 years, never married before, 5 ft 3ins, living in Delhi since birth, Bachelor of Education, teaching in Public School at present. Also has Dip. in Textile Design and dabbles in arts and craft work.   Travelled Australia and  S.E.Asia  before and comfortable in any modern family environment. Contact uncle( Mallik)   living in Sydney  0413129710  or email   asap.

Mat 3. 09022012.  Seeking suitable match ( from Australia) never married, for Hindu Girl 34 yrs, Chartered Accountant (non veg) living in Australia over 25 yrs with eastern and western family values.
Please email with all details on



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