Good, at long last the 2016 elections are over



Kersi Meher-Homji heaves a sigh of relief

The 2016 elections created more interest than State of Origin, football grand final, Test cricket, rock concerts and Wimbledon put together. But what a waste of time!

I am all for democracy ”“ Government for the people, by the people. But do we need so many parties who do nothing but obstruct the elected Government on every issue? No, I am not suggesting dictatorship, nor Emperors or Maharanis.

But can’t we elect the right candidates and let them govern the country to the best of their ability for their allocated three years rather than the opposition questioning them on every point? Parliament debates make exciting night television but it stops them from working for the country for which they are elected. All it shows is their debating skill and self importance, interrupted by parrot-like calls of “Mister / Madam Speaker”.

It reminds me of cricketers appealing to the umpires with fingers raised heaven words.

My question: how much did the Prime Minister and leader of the Opposition work for people in the six weeks of their campaign? Zilch! They just travelled to shopping centres etc in different States, shaking hands and cuddling babies just to get elected. During their “elect me, not them” campaign they worked for their glory and not for the people they are supposed to serve.

Can you imagine the amount of money spent on TV and other media advertisements! That money could have been spent on education, health and other worthwhile projects.

Elected candidates should work together by sensible discussion, not contradict each other. Forget rifle-shooting, sex, homophobic and dozens of other ridiculously named parties. I suggest just one Party, the Australia Party.

So much easier to vote for the right candidates than an almost metre-long white ballot sheet no voter bothers to read but just votes because it is compulsory and there are cakes and bacon-eggs rolls to eat at the end!

Many of you may ridicule my revolutionary idea of one party but remember that all new ideas are laughed at in the beginning.


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