ISGH and Sri Om Care are doing wonderful work for the Indian seniors

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By Neena Badhwar

Indian community is greying since the ones who came in the 60s and the 70s when Australia opened its door to Asians. The Indians who passed the immigration points, then, were mainly doctors, engineers and teachers. Now they make up the retiree force as they enter into their sixties, seventies and the eighties.

So also has sprouted the need for Indian associations that serve the needs of its seniors. Indian Senior Group Hornsby recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. ISGH founder Meera Raheja was honoured at the function in the presence of Consul General Mr. Vanlalvawna and his wife along with other guests who graced the occasion.

Mrs. Raheja, frail and weak though she is, remembered all those people who had helped her form the much needed senior group. Her vision ten years ago could look into the future and see the rising aged care related needs of the Indian seniors. The flagship ISGH which is flying high and now at its helm is Dave Passi with his wife Kanchan. Not only they both put in hard work they keep the seniors entertained. Dave and Kanchan as active seniors look after the older seniors. The activities are well planned in advance. There are games, interactive activities, songs, dances as well as talk by specialists on agISGH 4eing, health issues and yoga sessions.

Dave Passi has also tried to introduce basic computer sessions to familiarise the seniors with the social media of today such as Facebook, email and other tools so that people can stay in touch with the world. Otherwise the life can be quite lonely for the Indian elderly. On the 10th anniversary ISGH also announced the newly acquired 12-seater van which stood proudly outside Epping Leisure Centre decorated with balloons. The vehicle will be used to transport people to and from their place to attend the much needed social outings that the members eagerly look out for.


Says Dave, ISGH president who has just recently finished a course on Senior Leadership Training, says, “We follow the guidelines of ”˜myagedcare’ introduced by the commonwealth government. Recently we’ve had talks on hypnotherapy, senior rights, an audiologist, dementia and Centre Link. We help impart information and look after the general wellbeing of our members.”

Dave adds, “The bus has really helped some of the people who cannot go at nights to functions. The response has been great from the community with some quiet donations from well wishers. And without my devoted team of volunteers ISGH’s wonderful work won’t possible.”

It was Senior Week recently which usually falls in the month of March but it was celebrated in the month of April this year and Sri Om Care foundation celebrated its own function with over 400 people, all older, yet an active lot, with singing, dancing, skits and even a fashion parade. The one skit that caught the eye was an old lady who keeps on brooming her son’s place diligently every day when one day she hurts her back and is then comforted by a social worker. She is advised to go and enjoy at the Sri Om Care Centre and not overwork.


SOC 1This is what the seven Sri Om Care Centres are doing around Sydney. They boast full attendance with members who enjoy the day and snatch some fine hours with education, merriment and are simply made to feel special. Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Indian festivals as well as important Australian days are celebrated with equal ease in an atmosphere of fun, laughter and friendship. On May 24 there was a fashion parade organised by Pennant Hills group thoroughly enjoyed by the senior participants.







Sri Om Care specialises in short respite and long day care and respite for its members. It provides fresh food to its members, tea, snacks with gentle care by its workers who are trained in aged care. The best aspect is that these workers serve the seniors with lots of love, care and encourage participation by all. Respect and love for the elderly is inbuilt in Indian genes but the Sri Om Care angels definitely have it in them.

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