Odyssea 3D: See ocean as you’ve never seen before









Jean-Michel Cousteau (middle) at the premiere of ‘Odyssea 3D’

By Manju Mittal

I was invited to a cocktail party to celebrate Jean-Michel Cousteau’s new documentary film ”˜Odyssea 3D’ on May 17 at Cannes International Film Festival, ”˜The ocean as never seen before’ is a tribute to his father to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Golden Palm Award he won in 1956. Odyssea 3D trailer was the most impressive 3D I have ever seen. It was a very special experience and I strongly recommend to keep a watch out when this 3D movie hits Australian screens.


Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of ocean pioneer Jacques Cousteau, offers a breakthrough look at a secret world within the ocean that is perhaps the biggest story of all-that the smallest life in the sea is the mightiest force on which we all depend. In the feature film ODYSSEA 3D, Legendary Ocean Explorer, Jean Michel Cousteau and his children Celine and Fabien, along with renowned Director of Photography Gavin McKinney filmed a 90 minute ode to the ocean taking audiences such as you on a dive of a lifetime. For the first time, we are able to see what life truly looks like for the world’s smallest sea creatures.

Odyssea 3D was filmed on location in Fiji, the Bahamas, Mexico, Catalina Island and the Mediterranean Sea. These tiny sea creatures are unforgettable and will surprise throughout this 90-minute astonishing dive into the Earth’s oceans. As Jean Michel Cousteau says, “Protect the ocean and you protect yourself, without healthy oceans, no life, not even on land can exist”. Whether you live near the beach or far away in the mountains, ocean health affects your life everyday and night. The ocean provides more than half of Earth’s oxygen through photosynthesis.

Odyssea 3D focuses on the often forgotten part of the food chain: From plankton to tiny animals that feed on plankton, protecting the ocean means not just protecting the large animals but also those that are small and fragile. We are accustomed to seeing the large animals such as whales, dolphins and sharks, however, they represent only the top of the food chain while everything in the ocean and on our planet depends on the bottom of the food chain.

“Since the 1950s, my father and I have dedicated our lives to the ocean. Our mission has been to explore our global ocean, inspiring and educating people throughout the world to act responsibly for its protection”, said Jean-Michel Cousteau.

“As filmmakers and divers for over thirty five years, working with Cousteau was our dream, and we are not only worked with one Cousteau, but three, Fabien and Celine, Jean-Michel’s children, are also part of this adventure” Said Jean-Jacques Mantello Co-Director of the film.

Odyssea 3D is a ground-breaking feature documentary which will allow audiences to discover the ocean as never seen before. After three years in the making, Odyssea 3D, the first 3D feature documentary directed by Jean Michel Cousteau. Ocean lovers have a unique opportunity to combine many passions in support of Odyssea 3D Co-Directed by Jean-Michel Cousteau and Mantello Brothers, and produced by 3D Entertainment Films, the film is slated for worldwide release in 3D (and 2D) in August 2016.

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