Know India Programme (KIP) deadline on August 25, 2016










The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India is organizing  the 36th edition of Know India Programme (KIP) from 1st to 25th October 2016 to strengthen engagement with Indian Diaspora youth. This programme is open to youth of Indian origin (excluding non-resident Indians). Focus of this KIP will be “Punjab”.

2.                 KIP Guidelines have been modified. The changes in the guidelines are highlighted below:

(i)                 Duration of KIP has been increased from 21 days to 25 days inclusive of 10 days a select State.

(ii)           The maximum age for participation in KIP has been enhanced to 30 years in place of 26 years. KIP participants should be in the age group of 18 to 30 years.

(iii)             Missions/Posts will arrange for return air tickets before participants leave for India, after the KIP participants pays 10% of total airfare. The participant will submit   a signed written undertaking to Mission/Post that he/she will complete the KIP.

(iii)             KIP participants should ensure that they  hold an international travel and medical insurance before issuing his/her international ticket. This is a mandatory provision.

3.       Revised Guidelines, application form and itinerary for the October 2016 KIP are attached.

4.       Completed application forms should be submitted by PIOs to Consulate General of India, Sydney by 25 August 2016.



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