Sad to say good bye to the most beautiful lady Sudesh Relhan










I joined Sri Om Care Foundations’ senior group in Pennant Hills only last year. Since then I came across many beautiful people who make up our group.

Relhans have been regular members with Sudesh ji contributing by way of singing beautiful bhajans. When she sang she used to close her eyes and totally get lost as we all felt one with the peaceful vibes she created around us.

I remember once we were asked to tell some memorable experiences of our life and Sudesh Relhan, a shy and a very pretty lady, related her experience of coming across a thief who had broken in the Relhan household. Sudesh ji told us how she got up hearing the noises in the kitchen and went to see what was happening. Since still in her heavy slumber she didn’t know whether she was sleeping or awake or dreaming as she pinched the thief who got scared at her boldness, shrieked and ran away.

Alas! Mrs Sudesh Relhan is no more having passed away at the hospital when she went for a routine eye checkup. Last I met her was when she was quite worried about her husband who had a small back injury.

Sudeshji you were a very loving, shy and a spiritual member of our Pennant Hills Group. We will always remember you and your bhajans and your shy smile!


– Neena Badhwar

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