Get ready for Confluence ”“ Festival of India’s Gala event at Opera House on September 18








By Sumi Krishnan

The Confluence Festival of India is an ambitious project bringing professional acts from India which is being held from August to November. Said the High Commissioner Navdeep Suri when it was launched in July, “Working closely with India’s Ministry of Culture and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and in association with the Australia’s Department of Communications and the Arts, we have chosen some of the finest elements from the rich tapestry of Indian culture and civilization for our friends in Australia.”

In the spirit of the festival TIDU recommends its readers some performances and the artists who shall adorn our shores as part of the Festival.

The attractive semi new age acts that will be popular with first generation Indians are  Raghu Dixit and Sonam Kalra  Sufi Gospel music, with their ensemble of excellent artists; for drama  Piya Beharupiya, directed by Atul Kumar, brings Shakespeares’ Twelfth Night with 25 artists from India Nautanki style;

For classical beats you cannot go past the Hindustani duet couple  Saskia Rao and Shubendra Rao on Cello and Sitar  accompanied by Bobby Singh to be presented at the Parramatta Lennox Theatre on  the 21st September 2016. In addition, to this we have mainly Odissi dance acts brought by Nrityagram as Shriya, a celebration of female power.

Kalakshetra is presenting ‘Jatayu Moksham‘ in Canberra in November 2016. However, it is a shame that Sydney will miss out on seeing this fantastic production.

Other free events include Bollywood workshops, Yoga, Cricket Connect and Khadi Fashion Show.   If there is one event that readers definitely should go to it is the Gala Festival to be held at the Sydney Opera House on the 18th of September. Tickets are nominally priced at $20 for all patrons. The Gala Festival comprises of a variety of top acts, including Raghu Dixit, Sonam Kalra, local dance schools and artists Ruchi Sanghi School of Dance and Madhuram Academy of Classical Dance.


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