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A  three-day International Conference presented by Vedanta Centre, Sydney and S-VYASA University of Yoga Sciences, Bengaluru, India is being held in the University of Western Sydney from October 1-3, 2016. It is part of  the Festival of India being celebrated September – November 2016. It is being organized on a not-for-profit basis to spread the awareness of the benefits of Yoga. Venue is  Western Sydney University,  Parramatta South Campus

The conference aims  at furthering the understanding of Yoga Therapy as an Integrated Approach in aiding preventative health, pain and disease management and holistic well-being.

Among alternative practices, Yoga is an emerging science complementing conventional medical treatment, particularly psychosomatic and Non-Communicable Diseases. The benefits of Yoga are well established in preventative health, wellness and mindfulness, pain and disease management, mental stress and associated disorders. Yoga is termed as a “Science of Infinite Possibilities” because the practice extends far beyond physical and mental wellness to connecting with our spiritual nature.

In addition, given the current challenging environment, the practice of Yoga offers good strategies for forward-thinking organizations to create harmony within diverse teams and achieve optimum outcomes in the workplace.

Professional experts, particularly from the field of medicine will be  presenting their research on the benefits of Yoga. Leading practitioners of Yoga will also conduct workshops on practices that are effective towards preventative health, wellness and mindfulness integrating the mind, body and spirit in work and for achieving life balance.

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