Meet ”˜Pammi Aunty’ ”“ the latest craze of the nation!

Meet Pammi Aunty

By Neeru Saluja

She makes me ROFL and I’m sure she has the same effect on you. She is the talk of the town, the spice to the kitty parties and the muse of MIL-DIL relationships. You have to admit a slice of Pammi Aunty lives in every Punjabi household!

Pammi Aunty’s hilarious videos with Sarla behenji and cribbing about her MBA (Maha Batmeez Aurat) daughter-in-law have become an internet sensation. The first video went live on 14 May and now each video gets 1 million views within a few hours. With a purple towel over her head, a mask on her face and enormous pink glasses, Pammi Aunty thinks she is the ”˜coolest’ lady in the town.

Now let’s meet the ”˜cool Aunty’ who is actually a man ”“ Ssumier Pascricha. A TV actor, singer and photographer, Ssumier was born and brought up in a typical Delhi Punjabi household. Doing theatre and mimicry since the age of 10, Ssumier’s overnight sensational icon was born out of a game with his nephew over Snapchat. “I was exploring the cool App and liked an icon which became ”˜Pammi Aunty’. I did a few videos on Facebook and was only entertaining my friends. I do not know when it became viral and how the world came to know about it!”

Pammi Aunty has fans all over the world now ”“ ranging from India, Australia, UK, Canada to even Nigeria. “There are some countries which I have not even heard of! I feel blessed when people tell me they are smiling because of me. Cancer patients are saying they are laughing because of me, a lady told me her mum was depressed and stressed but now she was smiling after watching my videos. Many fans tell me they can relate her to their chachi, nani while some out rightly admit they have a MBA at home!”

Not many know, but Pammi Aunty found her innings in Australia.

“I shifted to Australia because my dad never liked my acting. My friends lived in Australia and I wanted to continue my passion there. I first came to Australia in 1999 with business offers for exporting marble and granite in Melbourne and Sydney. I fell in love with the country and came back to study in Perth in 2004 till 2008. Within a month, I got a job as a RJ with an Indian radio in Perth and within weeks became an established theatre artist in the Indian circle. I also did odd jobs like working in a restaurant and in marketing. I owe my success to this country. I came to Australia as a kid but it made me a man.”

Australia made you a man but now the world recognises you as a woman. Was it a deliberate choice to be a woman, not a man?

“This is something what I tried and it worked. I don’t care how she looks, I care what she says. It’s a great honour as women are more expressive than men. They don’t hide anything or keep things in their heart. Pammi Aunty doesn’t worry about what she says and speaks her heart out. She is a strong personality and a true Punjabi, full of life and never takes life seriously.”

After you became a woman are you getting a lot of female attention?

“Oh yes! I’m getting more female attention being a woman than being a man! That makes Pammi Aunty a lesbian! I’ll reveal a secret to you, Pammi Aunty is very liberal about gay issues. On Independence Day she released a video on how Handa’s son is getting ready for marriage and two days before the marriage he declares he is gay. Pammi Aunty tells Sarla behenji: at least they saved on the jewellery! These are the kind of issues I would like to highlight in my videos.”

Pammi Aunty has a bright future. With offers for TV and reality shows, there are also talks about a movie made on her.

“Pammi Aunty wants to enjoy life and not take anything to heart. She is a creation of my observance from my childhood. When the videos stop making people laugh, Pammi Aunty will not exist.”

Till then, enjoy her gossiping, rants, quarrels, Pokeman, Bollywood and much more.

Hore Ki (what else)!!!


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