Eco-friendly handmade textiles reveal Indian history and fashion at QUT

khadiLovers of textile art, fashion and culture are invited to a free exhibition showcasing beautiful, intricately-crafted Khadi, India’s national fabric, at QUT from 18-22 October.
Bapu ”“ The Craftsperson’s Vision ”“ A Khadi Exhibition is a Brisbane highlight of Confluence: a Festival of India in Australia celebrating India’s artistic cultures and traditions. It’s on show in the new Frank Moran Gallery at QUT’s Creative Industries Precinct in Kelvin Grove.

Curator Sunaina Suneja will lead a public tour at 2pm followed by afternoon tea on Saturday 22 October.

Dr Courtney Pedersen, QUT Head of Visual Arts said khadi was handmade with natural fibres and could be designed and shaped into a variety of wearable garments.

“Khadi spins a compelling story linking it inextricably to India’s rich history and to Mahatma Gandhi, Bapu (father) of the nation of India,” Dr Pedersen said.

“Hand spun and hand-woven, the making of khadi today provides livelihoods to people across the vast spaces of rural India.

“In the fashion world Khadi lends itself especially to casual chic collections marked by minimalism which is in itself inherently khadi.”

Dr Pedersen said the exhibition curator would address QUT Fashion and Visual Arts Students as part of her program of speaking engagements.

“Sunaina Suneja has been working with khadi and other Indian textile crafts, for three decades, advocating its wearability and its message to a global audience,” she said.

“We are seeing a worldwide trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly products. Khadi stands to a play a significant role as a handmade textile.

Bapu ”“ A Khadi Exhibition highlights the diversity of khadi weaves and textures through a display of fabrics and garments.”

Visit the QUT website to find out more about Bapu ”“ The Craftsperson’s Vision ”“ A Khadi Exhibition.

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