Try the delicious Navratre Thali at Taj Sweets

Navratre thali

Eating out is taking a new meaning to Indian food. With the weather change the Harris Park eateries are also modifying themselves. One place that is a favourite of many is Taj Sweets and Restaurant on 91, Wigram Street, Harris Park.

Its proprietor Ramesh Sharma says that he has been doing it for many years  by introducing  innovative  ideas into his menu.

Ramesh as all Sydneysiders know is a big ‘Mata Bhakt’ devotee as we would have heard  him sing  bhajans –  popularly called bhaints at chowkis and jagratas held in the honour of Goddess Vaishno Devi during the Navratri period of nine days. Ramesh started the first Navratre Thali for all the people who fast during these nine days.

Says Ramesh, “I know how hard it was when I had to look for ‘Fasting food ingredients’ which had so many restrictions. Roti has to be from Kuttu or Singhada which was hard to find in Sydney in those days. To put together  dishes meant for navratre fast was quite a task. At times one had to rely on potato dishes or go hungry. Imagine eating potato for 8-9 days ”

Ramesh sharma - Navratre thali

“Everything I intend  to do with  my work is with a ‘Sewa Bhav’ – that is ‘service to the humanity’ as my family is a big devotee of Goddess Vaishno Devi.”

“So to serve my patrons who fast during these days I introduced ‘Navrate Falahari Thali’. I make sure all the utensils are separate, so is the oil and the ingredients from our daily menu.”

The Navratre Thali is different and is a welcome menu appreciated not only by the fasting crowd but also by others who want to try it for a change.

The lunch Navrate Thali ($12.90) has Kuttu Pakora, Rajgira Puri, Sabudana Khichdi, Alloo (Potato)  Sabzi – dry or with gravy and Potato  Jeera Raita.

Whereas the  Full Navratre Thali ($14.90) includes, besides the above menu, Paneer Sabzi and Gajjar (carrot) Halwa as an add on.

Ramesh adds, “We also specialise in Jain food, Prashad menus meant for pujas which are ordered by the temples and even individuals.”

You have two days to visit for the delicious Navratre Fasting Thalis or Ramesh says one  can try  Fasting delicacies in the next Navratre which fall next year. The nine days and nights are special days for the devotees who strictly follow the fasting rules and stick to breads made from Rajgira flour, sabudana or potato. No garlic, ginger or onion are used as well as whole meal flour.

Now Sydneysiders can’t say that they have to cook all these special dishes at home when they can go to Taj Sweets and enjoy a meal and a thali which is different, delicious and made with care by the chefs who specialise in such special meals.

For special menus such as: Navratre, Puja, Jain and Vegetarian call Ramesh on 0410 632 546.


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