What a brilliant performance by Himesh Reshammiya and his crew

Himesh 2

By Manju Mittal

The King of Bollywood music Himesh Reshammiya put on a highly energetic, entertaining and an impressive show on Saturday night October 15, 2016 at the Whitlam Leisure Centre, Liverpool. Himesh Reshammiya is a talented Singer, actor and a composer. He’s blessed with a voice and what a good looker he is. Himesh has been the judge of various ”˜Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ and reality shows, in which children and adults of various age groups compete. Himesh’s charm and powerful vocal chords have enthralled his fans of all ages throughout the world.

On the night, charming MC Sakshi Kapoor and co- host Jazeel Mistry     welcomed the audience inviting Himesh on the stage. Also came the ”˜Tu kheench meri photo’ fame singer Akasa Singh, a well known Indian playback singer and actress, along with Aman Trikha , a professional singer, performer and musician and Claudia Ciesla, she is a Polish-German model and actress and popularly known for songs like ”˜Balma’. VIP ( Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar ) comedian also joined the team, VIP is an Indian Television comedy actor, he made nonstop jokes, his mimicry was immaculate and utterly hilarious. They all gave Sydney a mind blowing performance all performers excelling one above the other.

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Himesh Reshammiya’s entry was absolutely amazing dressed in black attire, his appearance brought glamour and magic instantly. Himesh had the Whitlam Centre audience mesmerised by his powerful voice as they got up to dance in the aisles. He started the show with an energetic opening “Aashiq banaya aapne”, “Tera suroor”, “Bekhudi”, “Mujhko yaad sataye teri” audience cheered as he performed ”˜Hookah Bar’. Watching him move and sing on stage while egging the audience was undeniably surreal. He promised to fulfil each and every audience request as his fans screamed for their favorurite songs from all corners of the hall. All Himesh wanted was that whole crowd be jumping up and down during his popular numbers and they readily complied. Himesh had them all eating out of his palm. Female audience crowded next to the stage trying to get selfies with the star singer in the background. Venue was completely filled with crazed fans. Himesh was equally overwhelmed by the crowd and the energy in the hall.

Liverpool Whitlam Hall was steamy and hot with people jiving to every number that Himesh pelted. With smiles all around even strangers became one with the music as they came in the front to dance to Rashamiyyas’ talented team of singers he had brought to entice Sydneysiders. Even the most hesitant joined in the maddening crowd unoblivious of the time that ticked away past midnight. His most impressive song of the night-was “Jhalak dikhla ja ek baar aa ja”. His vocal prowess was amazing as his voice hit higher ranges, a night that can be pronounced as one of the best concert ever.

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His women fans crowded around the stage to touch their hero with no end to selfies as cameras clicked away after the show. Another highlight of the concert was our local talented singer Ami Surti, who entertained us with beautiful rendition. Road2 Bollywood and Swastik dance group gave fantastic dance performance.

Jai Ho EveHimesh 5nts and FIE Australia, the team of Vvikas Paul, Jay Deep, Manjit Singh Chopra, Neerav Rastogi brought Himesh and his team of four talented performers and gave one of the best Diwali gift to Sydneysiders.

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