Ek Shaam Mastani with Nooran sisters

Sufiana concert  by Nooran Sisters…


The Nooran sisters : Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran are most popular sufi singer of India. Their grandmother Bibi Nooran was a well known singer of her time, and the Nooran Sisters now follow in her footsteps.
On CokeStudio@MTV they take over the stage with their strong, impactful voice and charismatic personalities as they perform the traditional Sufi song, Allah Hu. Over the years they have won many awards. Slowly but surely they are making a mark of their own over the very short span of time.
The journey of Nooran sisters from absolute obscurity to national attention has been incredible. Their singing is signified by the very essence of folk music ”” uninhibited, rustic ”” and is strongly evocative of the Sufi traditions of Punjab.

Now they come to Sydney to perform on November 19…be there if you like Sufi music.


Nooran Sisters

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