Indian Welfare Association seniors celebrate Diwali talking about grandkids


By Neena Badhwar

Indian Welfare Association in Sydney for their Diwali function held a grandparent day at Pennant Hills Leisure Centre.

Ladies dressed in beautiful saris with their husbands sat in a big circle. Talk of the grandchildren randomly brought smiles as their faces brightened with the thought of relating interesting anecdotes and encounters they had while looking after their grand children. One grandparent remembered how the children loved their ‘kol patti – great grand mother’ and played with her wheelchair and when the young one saw grandma cleaning her dentures he wanted to copy her and pull out his own teeth.

Another grandparent remembered that him and his wife tried to bring order to their grandson’s closet by ironing and arranging all his clothes. The response to the job well done was from him that he could not find his things since the whole cupboard had turned topsy turvy.

Another grandparent was proud to have picked and dropped his five grand kids for 17 years and the best hug he got was when he waited for them at the school gates. So much so that the school also got used to calling him ‘Da Da’.

One of the grand parents has an autistic grand child but they were very proud of her artistic ability and shared her beautiful drawings with other members.

A couple of other who had recently become great grand parents shared their love and affection for the great grand child.

The grandparents play an important role when one of the grandchild had written that her hero is her ‘patti’ who not only loves her, tell her stories, teaches her music and dance but also helps her in her homework.

It was a beautiful sunny day with Diwali decorations welcoming all at the door and they enjoyed delicious vegetarian meal and sweet dishes brought by the members.. Talking about grand kids had for one day made them look beautiful, younger with smiles all around, a Diwali celebration one can say is the one that lights up the faces the way the Indian Welfare Association seniors thought of doing  on Monday the 31st of October.

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