Life comes in small pleasures, thanks to Avijit Sarkar

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By Neena Badhwar

Life comes in small pleasures. Those intimate moments you share with like minded people who are appreciative enough as they enjoy life and what it offers. It was not one of those hugely advertised concert, no stars from overseas, no big venues. Yet to listen to Avijit Sarkar’s ‘A Tribute to Talat Mehmood’ was one such pleasure enjoyed by the select Sydney audience.

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Avijit has built up a huge fan following, some have become his disciples, others can’t have enough listening to him since this was a sold out concert without any publicity. The network is so dedicated and too happy to contribute to a good cause since the proceeds were  to be donated to Cancer Council for research. The ticket was only $20. What more could one ask for than a music concert that had simple home-cooked vegetarian meal and famous Talat Mehmood songs.

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Although ‘Ai mere dil kahin aur chal’ was most enjoyed yet the audience’ hearts had not had their  fill –  ‘Dil bhara nahi’ even when it was Avijit’s third concert on the legendary singer. Each song that was chosen from a great repertoire of  Talat’s songs, was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Avijit has this great knack of transporting you into a yester era when these songs were on everyone’s lips. The lyrics of Talat songs, the ghazals he sang are so overwhelmingly emotional that  one has to sing deep down from the heart. All the emotions come pouring out and are cathartic equally to the listeners as well as the singer and his musicians.

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The program started with the launch of Santram Bajaj’s recently published book ‘Kucchh yaadein – meethi si’ – appropriate to what was in store to come. Bajaj read a piece from his book, offered the book  free though with the condition that people donate however small an amount that could add to the proceeds being collected on the night. Sure enough the nostalgia of Talat came alive as Avijit and his co-singer Shivangi Vyas accompanied him in  duets while Sadiq Rehmani and Abhijit Dan accompanied on guitar and tabla respectively. Avijit has built a talented team of musicians for which only Sydneysiders are lucky to have and to listen to. Parag Tijoriwala had a treasure of little percussion tricks on his lap as he switched from one to another capably creating the perfect little additions that are immediately picked up by the seasoned ears of tunes that have been in our memories for years. Sagar Agashe’s sound set up did full justice as Avjit’s voice nicely projected to all corners and people thoroughly enjoyed songs – ‘Jalte hain jiske liye’, ‘Tassveer banata hun’, ‘Itna na mujhe se tu pyar bada’ ‘milte hi aankhen dil hua deewana’…

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How could we miss ‘Raat ne kya kya khwab dikhaye’ and many more gems…sure a fourth concert could do justice to Talat whose songs we hum even today fifty, sixty years hence.

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Full amount of the  funds collected will be announced later but Bajaj’s book added to the collection  a generous amount of $330.45. The  concert was organised by The Indian Down Under.

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