“Shahrukh Khan is a child at heart” – reveals Dear Zindagi director Gauri Shinde



By  Neeru  Saluja

A day before the release of her second film ‘Dear Zindagi’, writer-director Gauri Shinde tells us why she paired Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt together.

In an exclusive interview organised by Mind Blowing Films, you will get to hear about the film straight from the creator. Read on!



From the director’s mouth, what is Dear Zindagi all about?

The film is about a girl who is looking for a perfect life and perfect love, only to discover that there is no such thing. It’s only when she puts small things together she finds a wholesome life.

The film is her journey in discovering this truth.

English Vinglish was inspired by the story of your mother, what inspired you to make this film?

I’ve got a lot of respect for therapy and counselling and how important it is. I wanted to say it in an enduring and fun way.  As a writer and director, this is not my story but there is a part of me in this film. It’s not an autobiography, but it is my voice.

As the writer and director for both films, how would you differentiate them?

English Vinglish and Dear Zindagi are both very different films. I can’t see any comparison or connection. English Vinglish was from a parent’s point of view and Dear Zindagi is from a child’s point of view.

Talking about parents and children, you have paired two talented actors from generations apart. How did you get the chemistry to work?

Age factor doesn’t come in as Shahrukh Khan is such a child at heart. He has touched the raw emotions of the character because of this nature. That’s how both of them were on the same plane. I always choose my cast and crew very carefully. Everyone has owned up to their characters.

There are rumours that they are romantically paired against each other despite the age difference?

There is a hero and a heroine in every film. There are all kinds of relationships in the world and we cannot limit it to a lover’s relationship. Love translates into many forms. It is a very unique relationship. It’s not about their age gap, it’s not about seeing them as a romantic pair.

Casting has always been your strength as a director. As a female director do you face lots of challenges?

Because it’s a hard profession, even for a man it’s a tough job to do as it takes a lot of time and strength. It’s more difficult for a woman as we already have many things on. But if you love it that’s what makes it easier.

When the audience will leave the hall watching your film, what message will they take back home about life?

The audience shall go back in their life embracing the beautiful side of life. We all face some problem or the other. It’s about how to deal with the problem.


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