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Shobha Ingleshwar as everyone in Sydney knows is known for her singing and starting Om Gettogethers in Ashfield.

Tomorrow on November 5 she sings for this little boy Kush who has genetic disorder and the event ”˜Asha for Kush’ is aimed at raising funds for a researcher to do research and help find a cure for Kush’s condition.

Shoba is a also Lions Club member and is keen community worker who is passionate and is Lions Ambassador for G I cancer.

“No one thinks of gastro-intestinal cancer since breast cancer gets a lot of publicity. The bowel cancer cases are on the rise,” says Shobha.

Shobha belongs to a creative family from Maharashtra, sister of Kedarnath Paggad, she says, “I have inherited voice from my father and the skill I developed when my brother Kedar who had set up quite a sophisticated Karoake system that got me going. I have had no training but I remember back home we all used to sit together and sing in family gatherings.”

“They were the simple pleasures of life as we were a family of seven children,” reminisces Shobha.

“I moved here in 2002 and my husband had an accident at work and the only solace for me was music which kept me going. Instead of becoming a nervous wreck it helped me stay strong.”

“Music makes me connect to my divinity. When I sing I am able to emote better is when you think of the divine in you. More over the research suggests that music is a mood elevator and helps immensely in depression.”

There is no stopping Shobha who is thinking of starting a project ”˜Dial-A-Sakhi’ ”“ ”˜dial a friend’ because she says you really need a friend to help one go through difficult times.

Do go and hear Shobha tomorrow on November 5, 2016 –  who is an adept at Asha Bhonsle songs and entertains with her smooth silky voice. ‘Asha – Hope for Kush’ program will be held at Glenwood High School, Cnr of Foreman ave and Glenwood Park Drive from 5.30pm to 9pm.

asha for Kush

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