Sri Om Care foundation lays the foundation for Sri Om Devi Temple in Clarence

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Sri Om Care Foundation celebrated its Diwali on Monday, October 31st at Pennant Hills Community Centre. There was Lakshmi Puja with everyone taking turns at arti with an array of sweets displayed which were brought by the members. The puja was followed by talk on healthy ageing and the role of omega 3 and omega 6 in the body. The celebration did not just end with sweets as there was a delicious meal that was ready again contributed by some active members.

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Sri Om Care Foundation now runs six day groups for seniors where the elderly come to spend few hours which are full of activities, talks on ageing, healthy living, exercises, games starting with regular one hour yoga session. People who can afford to do it on the floor are provided mats while many other sit and do their yoga exercises on chairs.

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The group also does light exercises and dance with Annie Alchin with whom one immediately feels at ease when she takes everyone patiently and gently though various stretch exercises.

Sri Om Care Foundation has also bought land in Clarence near Lithgow where a temple will be built with an aim to housing seniors in the near future. Bhumi puja on the land will be conducted this Sunday on November 6 when three busloads of seniors will be taken to Clarence.

This ambitious endeavour is the development and future construction of  Sri  Om  Devi Temple (subject to council permission and formalities) and a health and cultural Centre.

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Sriom Devi Brindavan intends to take it further into the world of personal health and culture by way of organising Yoga and Ayurvedic camps.

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H H  Sri  Om  Adisakthiyendra Swamigal and H H  Sri  Om  Gnana Sakthiyendra Swamigal from India will be presiding over the bhumi puja with a havan held in the morning.

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