Sydney remembers Jagjit Singh in a memorable night by Anup Jalota

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By Manju Mittal

The Living Legend Padamshri Anup Jalota was in Sydney to perform live to his devoted audience that he has built up being a regular. Though this is his fourth trip Anup has come after a long break when he had performed at Minto temple twice to the temple devotees mainly bhajan concerts. He did meet many ghazal lovers along the way and performed for them in close mehfils where people experienced his singing and remember him dearly. The evening on November 6 was organised especially to give a befitting tribute to late Ghazal Maestro Jagit Singh ”˜Kahan tum chale gaye’.

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Anup Jalota is a singer and musician of India best known for his performances in the Hindu devotional music bhajan and the Urdu form of poetry ghazal. He holds the credit of singing over 1200 songs in the genre and is also the recipient of the reputed title ”˜Bhajan Samrat’ of India. Apart from his music albums Anup Jalota concerts are also well acclaimed among his patrons as he is well known for his versatility and ability to deliver both devotional and ghazals with ease. He is a blessed singer and also a philanthropist who performs in numerous charity shows to raise funds for several noble causes across the world.

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Aup JalotaAnup entertained the audience with his signature numbers in ghazals and bhajans for over three hours when he commenced his concert with his most popular song ”˜Aisi Lagi Lagan’ the thunderous from audience was the proof. He engaged the audience with his jokes and anecdotes and insisted that they sing along to make the experience memorable. Accompanied by local artists Maharshi Raval and Shivam Singh on tabla, Anup took the audience down the memory lane with his “Main nazar se pee raha hoon”, ”˜Laga chunri mein daag’ ”˜Aaj jane ki zid na karo’. Anup sang numerous songs from Jagit Singh’s collection such as ”˜Wo kagaz ki kasthi’ ”˜Tumko dekha to yeh khayal aaya’ ”˜Dhai din na jawani’ which got audience to get up and dance while some whistled along.

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Ghazal is a soothing poetic form consisting of rhythmic verses where the heart touches the soul. Local female singer Pragati Saikia also entertained all with beautiful ghazals. Anup paid a very befitting by ending the song with ”˜Yeh daulat bhi le lo’. He brought back Jagjit Singh to life with his beautiful renditions of his famous ghazals and it felt as if the maestro was invisibly present. Pupinder Mintu another Jagjit Singh disciple was also there enjoying the night.

Rakesh Major, Michael Narayan and their entire team brought the legend Anup Jalota and thus gave Sydney a fantastic concert.

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