Crime rates at their lowest in two decades



Minister for Justice and Police Troy Grant has welcomed the latest Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research quarterly update, which shows 12 of the major crime categories in NSW are at their lowest levels in 20 years, including murder and robbery.

Mr Grant said the latest BOCSAR report also reveals 16 out of 17 major offences have either fallen or remained stable in the 24 months to September 2016.

“These statistics can be credited to the exceptional work of the NSW Police Force in investigating and prosecuting crime, and their unwavering commitment to public safety.

“Police state-wide are to be commended for their proactive work, day in and day out, targeting and preventing crime.

“Putting community safety front and centre is a key priority for the NSW Government, and we will continue to give police the resources they need to keep crime rates low,” Mr Grant said.

The 12 major crime categories currently at record lows are:

  • murder;
  • robbery without a weapon;
  • robbery with a firearm;
  • robbery with a weapon not a firearm;
  • break and enter dwelling;
  • break and enter non-dwelling;
  • motor vehicle theft;
  • steal from motor vehicle;
  • steal from retail store;
  • steal from dwelling;
  • steal from person; and
  • malicious damage to property.

Significant decreases over the past 24 months were seen in robbery with a firearm (down 27.9 per cent), robbery with a weapon not a firearm (down 21 per cent), and robbery without a weapon (down 17.3 per cent).

Meanwhile, domestic violence assault rates remained stable across NSW except in three locations where they declined ”“ the Far West & Orana (down 13.5 per cent), the Richmond-Tweed (down 12.1 per cent), and the Central West (down eight per cent).

“It’s really encouraging to see this reduction in domestic violence, particularly in the Far West and Orana, where the recorded rate of domestic assaults had been nearly three times the state average,” Mr Grant said.

“While there is still a lot of work to be done to address this scourge, the NSW Government is determined to break the cycle of domestic violence that has plagued our state for far too long.

“Our message has always been clear: If you are violent at home, you will be treated like any other serious criminal and end up behind bars.”

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