Rishabh Malhotra did his HSC in one year and achieved distinguished results

Rishabh 1Rishabh Malhotra (extreme right) with his Hindi buddies at IABBV Hindi school

By Neena Badhwar

Rishabh Malhotra only came a year ago from India before he got admitted into year 12. He joined Epping Boys High where the school told him that there was a whole lot of syllabus he had to cover from year 11 before they could consider him competent enough to attempt his HSC.

“I was there for a week to get admission when they gave me the books on each subject and asked me to cover the syllabus. I was on my flight back to India looking at all the books. Soon I came back and during the summer holidays I went through the whole year 11 course. School was happy especially my Deputy Principal   Mr. Ian Lowcock who helped me tremendously.”

“I knew a lot already and could see that I could cover it all and caught up soon with the rest of the students.”

Rishabh 3Rishabh with school friends at HSC formal

“I was allocated a buddy who introduced me to a few friends who through my year 12 helped and have now become my life-long friends.”

“Yes I did have stressful moments as I did not understand the HSC and the ATAR system. But as I prodded along I got to know things better. In India I was always achieving above 90 percent in all my subjects. But here I slipped down to between 60 and 70 % which was a worry.”

“That was during the half yearlies but the assessments after that I managed to show progress and in the trials I performed much above the school average.”

Rishabh scored in his HSC –  98 in Hindi topping the state, 87 in Economics, 87 in 2U Maths, 87 in Business Studies and 82 in General English.

“English was difficult because I did not know the art of essay and creative writing but I took help from everywhere, got tuition, attended HSC seminars and BOSTES website. Also I talked a lot to the tutors. Everything helped.”

Rishabh 2With parents Arun and Parul Malhotra at the First in State ceremony

“My parents were very supportive and when I had doubts creeping up with my results they never put any pressure on me. They said don’t worry.”

“Hindi was my favourite and IABBV school teachers again were very helpful and gave us lots of past papers to practice.”

When asked what would he suggest to future students, says Rishab, “The idea is to stay on top of things and always devote some time to studying no matter what. And be organised.”


Rishabh 4Honoured by Education Minister Adrian Piccoli

Rishab took up walking and gym as stress busters during his year 12. And it all brought a smile as his hard work paid off when he was honoured by the Education Minister Adrian Piccoli on December 14.

To move to a new country and not only learn its ways, finish year 11 during summer holidays and catch up with the rest of his year 12 class and achieve a first in state in Hindi, Rishab Malhotra inspires us all. His achievements are a pride for our community.

Rishab plans to study Finance/Marketing from UNSW.

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