Culture at it’s best ”“ Indian Dance Centre

By Neeru Saluja

Since it’s inception in 1987, Indian Dance Centre has promoted the traditions of Indian dance and culture in Australia. But in late November, the Centre showcased the best of multicultural Australia through ”˜Culture 2016’.

The brainchild behind this event is the talented dancer-cum-choreographer Poornima Sharma who is also the Artistic Director of the Indian Dance Centre. “Our aim is to blend traditional and contemporary culture through our dancing and share our cultural heritage and it’s richness with all the other communities,” told Poornima to the audience at Wentworthville Community Centre.

Keeping this in mind, the show began with the traditional ”˜Ganesh Vandana’ which is a typical prayer done before the starting of any auspicious event. The audience was then welcomed with the famous Indonesian ”˜Pushpanjali’ dance which means ”˜greeting with flowers’. Soon we travelled to Malaysia for a dance by Sheila Nair to depict the beauty of Lord Krishna. The next item was a Bollywood classical dance by various dancers and the energetic Poornima Sharma. It goes without saying that the dance from the students and their guru was a stupendous hit!

Soon followed was a Bollywood dance from Divine Belly Dancing and a semi classical performance by Sheila Nair. The finale performance was the traditional Bhangra from the rich land of Punjab. All the dances were infused with the vibrant colours of India, the multiculturalism of Australia and the impeccable dancing of the talented performers. Graceful and humble Poornima Sharma also thanked her supporters, audience and the parents of the students for the success of the show.

In 2013, the Indian Dance Centre had a breakthrough with the dance production ”˜Ramayana’ which was performed not only in Australia, but also in America and New Zealand. Keeping this spirit alive, they are preparing for their upcoming production ”˜Moksha’ (salvation) which will take place on 18 February 2017. If you haven’t booked your tickets as yet, you may miss out on a great production!


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