Macquarie Dictionary has announced FAKE NEWS as Word of the Year 2016.

Macquarie Dictionary has announced FAKE NEWS as the Committee’s Choice for Word of the Year 2016.

The concept of fake news has been one of the big issues of 2016, not only in Australia but around the world. It captures an interesting evolution in the creation of deceptive content as a way of herding people in a specific direction.   There has come a point with fake news where people are beginning to believe what they want to believe, whether or not the news story is actually true. ”“  THE COMMITTEE

Honourable Mentions

halal snack pack
noun  a fast food comprising layers of hot chips, grated cheese, halal doner kebab meat, garlic sauce, barbecue sauce and chilli sauce.  Abbrev.: HSP

The significance of halal snack pack is that it tells us about something once confined largely to the Muslim community that is now surfacing throughout the broader Australian community. ”“THE COMMITTEE

adjective  1. not identifying as male or female; non-binary.
”“noun  (plural  enbies)  2.   a non-binary person. [pronunciation of  NB  standing for  non-binary]

Enby  is an interesting construction; it has moved from the abbreviation NB (for non-binary) to a word in its own right. Gender identity has been a powerful part of the political discourse in Australia over the past year. ”“  THE COMMITTEE



halal snack pack, alt-right, shoefiti, racebending, enby, bubble soccer, standing desk, greige, filter bubble, fatberg”¦

What’s YOUR pick for the  People’s Choice Word of the Year 2016?

It’s time to cast your vote for the word you think was the most striking contribution to Australian English in 2016. Voting for the People’s Choice winning word is now open on the Macquarie Dictionary website until 31 January.  (

The People’s Choice Word of the Year 2016 will be announced on Wednesday 1 February.

Both the Committee’s Choice and People’s Choice winning words are chosen from the list of new entries that are included in the annual update of the  Macquarie Dictionary Online.

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