Neekita Naidu wins the Miss Supermodel Universe title

By Neeru Saluja

The dusky and svelte beauty clearly stood out as the winner at Miss India Australia, but it was her positivity and confidence that made her won the title of Miss Supermodel Universe in Bulgaria.

With a one month preparation, many sleepless nights and mentoring from her coach Reena Koak, director of Miss India Australia Corporation, Neekita Naidu nailed the competition.

With Reena’s vision of not going home ”˜empty-handed’, her motivation, Neekita’s confidence and ”˜go to’ attitude, she impressed the judges on day two itself by winning the title of ”˜Miss Best Body’ at a fashion show held in Sofia.

Following is an exclusive interview with the beauty queen who also juggles a full-time job as a Product Coordinator at Flight Centre.

How was the experience representing your country at an international pageant? Was the competition tough?

The experience was overwhelming. Growing up I always had this dream. Representing my country was on my list of things to achieve before I die. I always wanted to feel proud as it is a big responsibility of being an ambassador of a country. There is a patriotic feel about it. We all have it inside us, but for me it meant a lot.

The competition was definitely tough. All the contestants were highly skilled and professional models. I went and gave my best shot. However, I enjoyed the experience and kept my focus intact throughout the competition.

How did you practice and prepare as you had only month?

Honestly it went so fast that I did not even have time to practice. However, we had some late night sessions between me and the director of Miss India as we discussed our pros and cons and brushed up on my catwalk skills after dinners in Sofia. The rest was just being confident on the stage and flaunting what you had.

Neekita Naidu (second from left) with Reena Koak (middle)

What would you describe as your asset when you competed with other participants?

I am proud to say my biggest asset was two things that never ever gave me confidence till date: my dark skin and my petite figure which made me really stand out. The key is to always have a smile and never let negative energy get to you. I also got along really well with the makeup artists, the designers and judges with my loving outgoing attitude. At the end of the day it all counts.

Whom would you call your mentors and pillars of strength during this time?

My little Sister and my cousin are my biggest fans and supporters who go crazy for my every  achievement and have supported my journey.  Also to the Miss India Australia Co-operation director Reena Koak for working hard to give us the platform and supporting us and mentoring us throughout along with all the mentors associated with the Co-operation.

Besides modelling, what is your profession and how do you keep yourself so fit?

I work as a fulltime product co-ordinator for Flight Centre at the Head Office. Being in the travel industry, ever since I stepped into the professional scene, it has always been my passion to be a career oriented independent women which I always will be. When the question comes around keeping fit, I am lucky to say I have been blessed with the perfect genes and have very high metabolism and do not even need to work out. Every now and then I try to eat healthy but I am not a fan of sweets anyway which helps.

After winning the title, what are your future plans?

For now I am focusing on what comes my way. I like to live in the moment and focus on one thing at a time. For future plans I guess you will have to wait and see what the next journey is for me.

Would you like to give any message to aspiring women?

Just believe in yourself, have faith in your capabilities and work hard to achieve your dreams. You should surely enjoy yourself and have a passion for it and when you do come on board the journey, leave all negativity outside the door. You are there to win for yourself and motivate yourself. It is always not about winning. Personally, I think it is about what you can learn and from there what you can improve on to make yourself better.







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