Sakshi Tanwar’s amazing Journey from televisions’ Parvati to Daya Kaur in film Dangal

By Manju Mittal

A famous television and film actress Sakshi Tanwar has become a household name with her performances in daily soaps. She is always known as the perfect bahu in TV drama ”˜Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki’ where she played the role of the female protagonist, Parvati for eight years.  She started her career from Doordarshan as an anchor in 1998. She anchored the film songs based show ”˜Albela Sur Mela’. Over the years, the thousands of female fans have tuned every day to watch her serials, she has charmed audiences with her simplicity and acting prowess.

Now the winner of numerous awards Sakshi Tanwar has played the female lead role opposite Aamir Khan in Bollywood film ”˜Dangal’. The film directed by Nitesh Tiwary, Sakshi portrays the role of Daya Kaur, wife of wrestler Aamir Khan, Sakshi who played an ideal bahu for so many years but it is with ”˜Dangal’ that she has transformed into a new avatar finding the same level of success in films where she got a chance to work with Aamir Khan. ”˜Dangal’ is one such film of 2016.

A candid and confident telephonic conversation with Sakshi Tanwar, while she was quite busy outdoor shooting and travelling yet she spared some precious moments in an informal chit chat, we talked at length about her career, her camaraderie with Aamir Khan and much more:

 Sakshi first of all, Congratulations on a huge success of the film ”˜Dangal’, tell us how did this movie come to you?

I was packing my bags for Bhutan when I received a casting call from the team of Dangal, that they are considering me for a role as Aamir Khan’s wife in Dangal. First, I thought ”˜Koi mazaak hai’, but they assured me that they really wanted me to come for audition. I did it with little expectations, after a couple of days, I got a call saying Aamir sir wanted to meet me so I went and did another audition, a scene with him. When I was returning home, I got a message from Aamir sir, I called him back and he said ”˜Welcome to Dangal, you are on board’.   First I went blank then happy, excited perhaps overwhelmed as well. I came to know through Aamir Khan’s recent interviews that I was actually his mother’s choice for the role.

How was it sharing screen space with actor and producer Aamir Khan in ”˜Dangal’?

Well, it was an honour and privilege to work with a perfectionist like Aamir sir truly it was like a dream come true. He is very passionate about his work and I would say that his passion is very infectious, his friendly attitude kept us involved and engaged and the entire cast and crew throughout the shoot. Working with Aamir Khan has been a great process of discovery, you are exploring all the time. I consider myself very fortunate to play a leading role in the film, it was rewarding when something unexpected happened.

What was the biggest challenge essaying the role of ”˜Daya Kaur’ and how did you prepare for the role?

Since I was one of the last actors to join the team, I found Aamir Khan and the girls who play his daughters in the movie, already well versed with the script and dialogues, as they underwent intense training in wrestling and language. As I did not have much time, to prepare for the role. I asked my language coach Sunita Sharma to say my lines, which I then recorded. I would keep listening to them during my break and yes I was born in Rajasthan’s Alwar, located near the border of Haryana so I was familiar with the language.

Which character you enjoyed most in your entire career and what has been your greatest achievement?

I enjoy doing all my roles and each and every character is close to my heart. Well, for me the greatest achievement is the love and support of my fans, which I always get.

 Any plans of doing more Bollywood films in the future?

I don’t have any plans or strategies as far as my career is concerned. Being an actor was never on the cards. Honestly, I enjoy what I do, I don’t know if I would be any part of another big project. I am happy with my journey and the fact that I am growing professionally.

How do you unwind yourself?

I just want to relax and spend time with my family, I am pretty bad when it comes to technology, I don’t use social media as such ( laughs ) so I tend not to use it when I am around with my family.

 What is your message to your fans in Australia?

I have always given my hundred percent efforts to entertain the audience. I would like to thank all my fans who have watched my serials and films that I have been in.

”˜Dangal’ is Sakshi’s biggest release of her career, she has proved that she is not only a perfect bahu on Television, but she can also deliver power packed performance on cinema screen. While she is basking in the success of the film, she is full of praise for the lead character of the film and overwhelmed with the love pouring in from Dangal.


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