These seven elegant sahelis with a different motto for their newly formed club

Pic Courtesy: Jindeep Photography

By Manju Mittal

Saheli Club High Tea was launched on a relaxing Sunday evening of March 5, 2017 at the Macquarie Links International Golf Club. The venue was packed and bustling with jazzily dressed women busy chatting over high tea.

Saheli Club is a non-profit charitable organisation for immigrant women, both citizens and newcomers to Australia. Saheli Club is an independent set up formed by seven enterprising and creative women from different walks of life with the intention to do something different and make a difference. The founder members envisage the club to grow in size and stature and become one of its kind in Sydney.

The club will not just be about hosting events, but would include education, interaction and socialisation with loads of entertainment and fun. It will work as a support group and an information gathering platform not only for established members but for the newly arrived Indian migrant community. Saheli Club Incorporated is registered with the NSW Fair Trading, Registration number: INC 1601544. As an incorporated association, it will be guided and governed by its constitution and all members will be expected to adhere to the rules, regulations and specifications set down by executive committee.

The establishment of this club is the actualisation of a dream to create a dais, to generate pathways and to build a beautiful platform for Indian women across Sydney to build great friendships. In the recent years, technology has redefined friendship as with the click of a button, we can add a friend or make a new connection. Though our most important and powerful connections happen when we come face to face. A recent Swedish study found that, along with physical activity, maintaining a rich network of friends can add significant years to our lives and so it is important to make it a priority and stay in touch with the real world, not just on online.

A well choreographed Indian Classical dance performance by well known classical dancer Sheila Nair, added an extra touch of elegance to an eventful evening. Despite being sick Sheila did her best to perform that shows she is really dedicated dancer & performer. Sydney poet Rekha Rajwanshi recited a poem written by her, it touched everyone’s heart as she got a big applause from the audience. Highlight of the event was Pallavi Sinha’s informative and educational presentation, she spoke on the topic of domestic violence and also spoke of many challenges women face in the community and their daily lives.

The event ended with Tambola game and ladies weren’t ready for the party to end. The theme of the event colour was orange and black related to friendship. The whole process and set up on the day was just perfect, activities for women included a photo booth, the cutlery cup and pots corner, displayed in complete elegance highlighted by a beautiful flowers.

Everyone found the whole experience very relaxing and stress free. Ladies mingled and mixed bonding with each other making friends and enjoying sipping tea. The Saheli Club launch was a great success we sincerely wish the Saheli club good luck and look forward to many more future ventures to unite sahelis.

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