PM Turnbull in India: Upskilling 400 million Indian youth important while FTA with India on backburner

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was accorded a ceremonial welcome on Monday at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi received Mr. Turnbull.

He was then accorded the ceremonial guard of honour.

Prime Minister Turnbull told reporters in  New Delhi  on Monday 10th  April 2017 ”“ “Prime Minister Modi has got a massive task, a massive objective, a huge ambition to upskill the people of  India  and there is a big role for  Australia  to play in that”.

India  and  Australia  on Monday committed themselves to deepen the bilateral defence and security partnership while Prime Minister  Narendra Modi said that cooperation in education and research is a key aspect of the ties between the two countries. Mr Turnbull said that Tony Abbott’s Free Trade Agreement is for the time being on backburner.

“It is a process that will take some time, you know, India has a long tradition of protection, particularly for agriculture, of course we are a huge agricultural exporter, so we want to have open markets for everything, but in particular for agriculture, so it will take time. But the important thing is to persevere and I think that you can see that the trade between our two countries is growing all the time, there are more opportunities arising,” Mr Turnbull said.

PM Turnbull is joined by his Education Minister Simon  Birmingham  and Vice Chancellors from Australian universities. 60,000 Indians were studying in  Australia  and noted his counterpart PM Mosi’s wants to train 400 million. It is this young Indis, this new  India  which needs training which needs opportunity. As PM Turnbull says  Australia  plays and hopes to play a great role ”“ in skilling the young population.

PM Turnbull laid the wreath at Rajghat while paying  his respect to Mahatma Gandhi

Last year  Australia  had 61,000 Indian students making  Australia  second most popular destination for Indians behind the  US. The education Minister said that  Australia’s focus was shifting to “How it is we can help PM Modi and the Indian Government to skill some 400, million people by 2020.   To do this the Minister is making a case for easing restrictions to  India. “Enhanced mutual recognition of Australian qualifications as well as better access for Australian education and training providers into  India  to help them meet their targets ”“ to build their capacity and their economy.” ”“ he said.

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