Indian mums turn entrepreneurs to showcase their creations through Artisan’s House on April 29 at Castle Hill RSL

Savitha, Suchitra and Suma, Handmade Collections

Indian Mumpreneurs, started as a meeting place for businesswomen from the Indian subcontinent to network, motivate and learn from each other’s experience, have a laugh or two, even vent their frustrations,

What motivates these mums turned entrepreneurs? In a big city like Sydney, a lot of demands are placed on immigrant women ”“ getting settled in a new environment, taking care of the family, ensuring kids get settled at school, ferrying them everywhere, building a viable home routine, in short trying to be a superwoman. This does take its toll on her desire to find a place for herself in society. Finding part time or sustaining full time employment becomes a challenge therefore. As a result a huge pool of talent stays untapped and these mums cannot achieve their professional or creative potential.

Mala and Suman Kanwar, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law duo who started Velvet, a brand selling dresses

A significant number of women from the Indian subcontinent have found a solution in starting small businesses, giving free reign to their talents, passion or creative instincts, at the same time having a purpose to maximize their potential. Indian Mumpreneurs comes in at a time when there is a need to interact, and come together to source information, contacts, draw strength, give support and learn from each other.

At a recent brainstorming session on ways to promote their group and brands, the Mumpreneurs came up with the idea of having their own event. Many had participated in markets before and the idea of organizing their very own event, tailored to fit different market segments immediately found favour amongst the group. Thus it was that The Artisan’s House, a showcase event housed under one umbrella, was born.

The first event named interestingly The Artisan’s House, is being held at The Phoenix Room, Castle Hill RSL on Saturday, 29 April 2017 from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Here’s a little excerpt on some participants, what they do and why they do it:

Owner Shipra Tewani of Melange  Chic, an online business offering a collection of contemporary products from the Indian subcontinent says, “By bringing these products here, we hope to celebrate the art and talent from back home and also help nurture those artisans, mostly female, who create them.”



Dhruvisha Boutique’s Shilpa Sodal recalls “Inspired by my mother who used to do fine hand embroidery and stitching during my childhood, I got attracted towards colors, designs and painting. Being painter by nature my first love is playing with colors on all sorts of media such as canvas, fabric, glass etc. I started getting interested in traditional handmade Indian embroideries/ paintings on textiles.  As a result Dhruvisha Boutique was born. It is a potpourri of contemporary and traditional ladies styling with the essence of craftsmanship”

Deepa Dasgupta of Kora Candles says: “I started using soy candles at home ever since we had our little girls. I love scented candles and have always used paraffin candles. But with little children at home I wanted something natural and that’s when I came across soy candles which are not only natural but have amazing fragrance throw. I hand make every candle with great passion and make sure that all the candles smell divine leaving behind a beautiful experience for those who come across them. My candles are made out of the oil of soy beans which is natural and does not increase toxic level in the atmosphere. What started as a hobby, has now taken a shape of a small homebased business.”

Jacinta and Rashi Goenka

“Khazana was born in 2012 when Jacinta and I realised that we both had a common passion and the drive to make it happen.  Our passion is to promote our rich Indian cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship by showcasing sarees from various parts of the country,” says owner Rashi Goenka.

Bodhi Tree Skincare’s Meena Mahanty Kumar says, “Bodhi tree skin care is an endeavour born out of a personal brush with cancer. Research into possible contributing factors, made us look at chemicals that we are exposed to everyday, in a new light. Our passion for a healthy alternative to using chemicals on our largest organ, the skin resulted in handmade products containing only essential oils, herbs and natural colours.  They are free from artificial fragrances, parabens and phthalates.  Our Ayurvedic range incorporating the ancient science of health and well- being is an Australian first.”

Reet  Kaur, Hair stylist and beautician of Beautymonks









Says Swati Kapoor about her jewellery that is vibrant and unique with exquisite designs, “LAMYRA is a bespoke jewellery boutique offering opulent Indian-inspired jewellery with a modern, eclectic twist.  Made with uncut diamond simulants, ‘polki’, semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals, LAMYRA jewellery designs are on trend and in vogue.”





Shobha Ingleshwar, Lotus Blooms Holistic Wellbeing

Shobha Ingleshwar owns Lotus Blooms Holistic Wellbeing which runs classes to reduce stress and  promote  wellbeing in the community  for young and old. She says “My own life experiences in Sydney and seeing and feeling  the stress at various levels in Society got me thinking of a  Wellbeing Centre. Music, Reiki and Community service kept me going during traumatic times. I did cert 1V in Leisure and  Health  last year as that was also my job and thought of pathways  to wellbeing  for young and old.”

Pritika Manocha of The Ethniq Store believes that kids are no less important when it comes to fashion. “My daughter suffers from eczema and can only wear cotton. I struggled to find suitable traditional wear that would not make her itchy or uncomfortable. When I found other parents in the same boat, I had found my market. They loved the clothes I had got made and The Ethniq Store happened to bridge that gap in kids’ fashion.” A combination of stylish design and comfort, her range is made from excellent quality cotton fabric that does not make them itchy or uncomfortable. Taking her passion one step further, Pritika created Gehna, her jewellery collection. “Hand crafted in India, styled in the latest trend, our designer pieces are sure to transform your outfit,” she says.

Mala and Suman  Kanwar of Velvet say about their work, “Doing what we love doing most, we are a mother in law – daughter in law duo. We are like two beads on a string. We love the same man and we both share a panache for styling women. Velvet initially started for the girls of the house and close friends. The word spread and we kept our first ever velvet sell-out event 2 years ago and there has been no looking back since.  Velvet’s flattering dresses offer sharp silhouette & classic colours making impact with structured shapes & clean lines.’

Vinti of Vinscreation offers a creative way of playing the world famous Tambola with the theme tickets which add spice and flavour to your party and cheer your guests.



Sanjivani Kalsi is a Tarot Card reader and her mission statement is: “Tarot Cards Speak the Truth.”








Mansi, Mash Accessories

Mash Accessories is an Australian based label founded by Mansi Khanna Bhatia , who grew up in the India surrounded by artisan crafts. Mansi has always been completely intrigued by the mystique of the Indian Culture. It was through her desire to preserve and showcase her traditional roots infused with the ever growing modernity, that Mash Accessories are born. Mash has a stunning range of handbags, clutches, envelopes, perfect gifts for the everyday busy women.

Rashi Sethi, Virtue Home Loans

These mumpreneurs have so much to offer as they transform Sydney’s migrant community who have been up until now working hard in jobs to make ends meet. These mums offer so much more of rich cultural diversity having embarked on ideas based on craft, art and sourcing and supporting artisans from various regions they themselves come from. Be there at the Artisan’s House and see for yourself!


Suniana Bhatti, owner Masala Master











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