Meet Sydney singer Jagpreet Grover who croons like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

By Manju Mittal

An exceptionally talented young singer Jagpreet Grover, fondly known as JP by the Sydneysiders, needs no introduction to his fans in Sydney. He is one of the most popular singer who croons like Rahat Fateh Ali Knan. JP has performed in Sydney number of times and has won all at his concerts. Hailing from the Punjab Jagpreet, known for his intense, powerful and energetic voice, not has Sydney gained an artist with unique voice, he is handsome as well. His voice is smooth that evokes intense emotion as listeners get lost in a different world.

Jagpreet can produce a rare combination of melody and magic on stage with his high intensity renditions of a great range of songs. Winner of numerous awards including the prestigious Indian Australian Idol 2011, Jagpreet is uniquely gifted to create unforgettable musical experience. Here he talks to TIDU in a candid interview”¦

Jagpreet tell us about yourself and when did you arrive in Sydney?

I was born and brought up in Ludhiana, Punjab and arrived in Sydney 10 years ago. I started singing at a very young age. I am very passionate about singing which I feel is a way of expressing yourself through music. From my childhood I have been intensely involved in singing when I trained under the guidance of my guru Sukhwant Singh and Ustad Punjabi Folk singer Kuldeep Manak.  Besides singing I have been running Domino’s Pizza business in Sydney.

How many hours do you do riyaz ( practice ) a day?

I don’t practice or rehearse everyday but yes before shows and concerts I rehearse quite often. I would keep listening to songs during my break from work and even while driving. I am privileged and humbled to have the company of many great singers for the past ten years and singing at a professional level.

Do you have musicians in the family? Who inspired you to sing?

No I don’t come from a family of musicians. My father has played a major role and is a great influence in my life. It is because of him what I am today. I would say my music inspiration came from my father, he himself was not a singer but he encouraged me since I was a kid. I still fondly remember singing on the stage at an early age in my school annual function, my proud father taught me rigorously for a week before the annual function. He was an extremely talented individual who always motivated me to do creative things, in fact both my parents.

How did you feel when you performed in Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Telstra Dance Competition in 2015?

I enjoyed performing with my sister Cheryl Khurana at IFFM Telstra Bollywood dance competition in 2015. Melbourne audience were very warm, completely surprised in their intensity and response to my performance. I felt so special when a film director himself praised my singing. This experience was the best inspiration an artist could get for just singing a simple song.

 JP, tell us about your favourite singers in Bollywood?

Rafi Saheb and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are my favourite singers and I get so much being inspired by them. In the newer generation Arjit Singh is my favourite.

How many concerts have you given in Sydney?

I have never kept a count. I did most of the concerts for Fiji charity events, Diwali, Holi, Baishkhi functions and concerts such as Rafi and Kishore Night over the past many years. Last year I performed at ”˜Taal se taal mila’ musical concert organised by Heart & Soul Productions and Gujrati Samaj. I am keenly looking forward to perform again on April, 1, 2017 ”˜Taal se taal mila part 2’ concert.

What are the achievements you are singularly proud of and your ambitions?

Well, personally I feel gratified to find lot of passionate music lovers in Australia who enjoy music through my concerts. I aim to seek opportunities to create new music for Bollywood utilising my singing and recording skills. I also plan to perform interstate in Australia.

How would you describe yourself as a singer and any message to your friends, fans based here?

I consider myself a small artist; there is so much to learn. I wish to thank all my friends and co-singers, music lovers for their encouragement and for me the greatest achievement is the love and support of my fans. I feel if you really believe in what you are doing and working hard enough, I am sure it can definitely make a difference.

 Besides singing what do you do for yourself to unwind?

I love watching Bollywood films and just want to relax and spend time with my little daughter & family.

Jagpreet sings effortlessly and with great passion, he is an amazing and a consummate performer his energetic numbers have rocked many desi concerts in Sydney. We at TIDU sincerely wish Jagpreet best of luck in all his future endeavours.

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