Prime Minister Turnbull and Gautam Adani Meet in New Delhi

Rekha Bhattacharjee

The chairman of Adani Group and executives discussed with Prime Minister Turnbull

On  India’s growing need for energy. Adani group is seeking a $900 million dollar Federal government loan for a railway link to the Port.

Malcolm Turnbull clearly told the group ”“ even as prime minister it is outside his control ”“”That’s an independent process, it has to go through that process ”” that independent assessment by the board,” Mr Turnbull said.

But the issue of Native Title in  Australia  will be resolved soon. This could clear the way for the Carmichael Coal Mine.

The prime minister supported the export of Australian coal and other resources to  India  to assist with  India’s enormous need for electricity. “ We play a big role as a coal exporter of course and (we are) now in a position to export Uranium” PM said

There is a strong group of Environmental Activists protesting against the construction of the mine ”“ as it is a threat to the Great Barrier Reff. The emission of coal burning will drive climate change is their argument.It could disrupt construction.

The Free trade Agreement that has been stalled since PM Tony Abbott in  India  targeted in 2014 for 2015 ”“ required to be re ”“energised. Both PM Modi and PM Turnbull agreed it has been too slow.” It will take some time” Turnbull warned when asked about progress in the deal. His prior stance is some what changed ”“ his criticism of  India’s protectionism ”“ in Agriculture.

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