Turnbull’s dramatic announcement of the abolishment of 457 Visas !

By Rekha Bhattacharjee

April 18, 2017. This afternoon Prime Minister  announced to the media “We are an immigration nation, but the fact remains Australian workers must have priority for Australian jobs. We’re abolishing 457 visas, the visas which bring temporary foreign workers into our country.”

It will be replaced by a new Visa program “ new  visa would better target skills shortages and set  new  standards for English language proficiency.”

The Prime Minister also said a  new  training fund would be established, among other reforms.

The reforms would focus on “Australian jobs and Australian values”, he said.

It would introduce the requirements for previous work experience and labour market testing and said the new visas would better target skills shortages and set new standards for English language proficiency.

In the recent times the 457 visas issued has dropped dramatically since Bill Shorten was responsible in the Gillard government.

The total emphasis and focus will be on “Australian jobs and Australian values” ”“ said Prime Minister Turnbull


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