New HSC Science course fro next generation of scientists and researcehrs


NSW will for the first time offer Year 12 high school students a high level science course that allows students to carry out a scientific research project and study with research institutes and universities.

The new HSC Science Extension course can be studied in addition to Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics and the new Investigating Science course because of updated NESA rules that permit students to complete seven units of science in Year 12.

Education Minister Rob Stokes announced the changes to strengthen the opportunities for students to study science and enter STEM related industries.

“We want to promote opportunities to develop the next generation of Nobel Prize winning scientists and world-leading researchers right here in NSW,” Mr Stokes said.

“The HSC rule change will allow students to study four science courses including the new Science Extension course.”

Students undertaking HSC Science Extension will have the opportunity to work alongside the best researchers and scientists and partner with universities and allow them the opportunity to publish their own research.

Partnerships currently are being developed between groups of schools and scientific research hubs to facilitate students’ access to our best researchers and data.

Mr Stokes said the ability for students to choose an area of research and develop their passion in any area of science is an exciting opportunity for NSW students.

“This change is a win for students with a passion for science and research,” he said.

Previously the HSC rules stopped students taking more than three science courses. The final Science Extension syllabus will be released later this year.

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