Empowering migrant women – Lean In Inc.

Top Left to right –  Urvashi Arora, Ekta Nankani, Kiran Jassal
Down Left to right – Sue Advani, Gauri Ahuja, Sunaina Chand Gowan


By Neeru Saluja

Australia has the ninth largest group of migrants in the world. In 2016, Australia welcomed around 120,000 migrants to it’s shores. Historically, women account for almost 50 per cent of the immigrant society and play a dynamic role in the country’s development. But the challenges they face are difficult and complex with minimum knowledge to progress.

Keeping in mind these barriers, six women from various walks of life have come together to form Lean In Inc. A not-for-profit organisation, Lean In Inc is dedicated to supporting newly arrived migrant women to integrate with the Australian society. It is also affiliated and supported by SEVA International Inc.This initiative was launched on 25 February 2017 at an event celebrating International Women’s day organised by United India Association.

With Gauri Ahuja as the President, the team is supported by Ekta Nankani as the Secretary, Sunaina Gowan as the Treasurer and Dr Kiran Jassal, Urvashi Arora and Sue Advani as the key Committee members. With an active participation in community events, the team is not only skilled but passionate about addressing issues facing migrant women. “Our vision is to provide migrant women with the required skills, knowledge and support to build and develop their potential, which shall assist them both professionally and socially. We want to reach out to the most vulnerable new migrant women and coach them with employment ready skills ”“ be it resume writing or English language assistance.”

To fulfil this objective, Lean In Inc has launched it’s first networking event on 26 August 2017 at the Coronation Club, Burwood from 10.30 am till 2pm. The event will showcase migrant women success stories, critical issues for migrant women in Australia and economic empowerment. The team is also undertaking a survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y7YBS9N for issues that need most attention for migrant women. The results shall further guide the deliverables of the organisation.

If you are a recently migrant woman or would like to support this initiative, do connect with the Lean In Inc team at contactus@leanin.com.au. As diversity in our community is flourishing, the time has come to share our stories and build community connections to support others.



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