Mutthi Bhar Chandni ”“ a book launch by Rekha Rajvanshi

By Neeru Saluja

Sydney’s beloved poetess Rekha Rajvanshi’s book ”˜Mutthi Bhar Chandni’ was launched in Sydney amidst the Indian community. ”˜Mutthi Bhar Chandni’, her sixth book is a compilation of 51 ghazals in Hindi and Urdu, written beautifully by Rekha.

For those who don’t know Rekha Rajvanshi, she is not only a poetess, but a writer, Hindi teacher, and a learning and support teacher. She has won many laurels and awards for her commitment and dedication towards Hindi language, including honoured by the President of India in 1996. She is the founder of ILASA  – Indian Literary and Art society of Australia, where she has organised many literary meets, art exhibitions and kavi sammelans since 2010.

As literary and art lovers joined Rekha for her book launch, the event was bestowed with the presence of MP Jodi McKay and Consul General of India Mr. B Vanlalvawn as they lit the inaugural traditional lamp. As MC Abbas Raza Alvi introduced the community members of platforms where Rekha has contributed, they all came forward to talk about her contribution and achievements. But what touched everyone’s heart was the presentation by her daughter Astha detailing her mum’s journey and her love for the language Hindi.

The highlight of the event was when Sydney’s known singers lent their melodious voice to sing Rekha’s ghazals. Singers Kakoli Mukherjee, Vinod Kumar Rajput, Suhas Mahajan, Aparna Nagashayana and Lalit Mehra left the audience mesmerised as they beautifully sang the compositions penned by Rekha. It was a delightful transformation of words into music, both the purest forms of art coming together as a rendering piece.

As everyone got busy taking photos with Rekha and buying her book, we stole a few moments to know why ”˜Mutthi Bhar Chandni’ is close to her heart. “This book is my 51 carefully chosen ghazals written straight from my heart. I have always been fascinated by the moon and moonlight. When we are happy, we look at the moon and we do the same when we are sad. Through my book, I want to show people the world in both lights. Where there is happiness, there is also a depth of pain which we need to embrace in life,” says Rekha.

There is plenty of Australian literature in English language though in the current multicultural scene, slowly literature in different languages is emerging. It is based on migrant experience and is quite unique in its own way being   expressed by people in different style of poetry than what is the known and popular style. Rekha’s ghazals compiled in ”˜Mutthi Bhar Chandni’ literally meaning ”˜Fistful of Moonlight’ is an effort in an expression that is different and new to Australia.




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