Sakhis entice Sydney in attires from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

By Neeru Saluja

The diversity and colour of India came alive today as hundreds of Sakhis came together to celebrate friendship at the annual Sakhi celebration. With the theme of ”˜Kashmir to Kanyakumari’, the organisers Esha Sharma and Malti Kumar nailed it again with a successful show!

The venue Croatian Club at Punchbowl wore a colourful and bright look as ladies donned their traditional gear to represent their culture. The Kashmir ki kalis, the Punjabans with the parandis, the Kanjeevaram sarees, the Gujju ghaghras ”“ name a state and they were there in full splendour.

Organisers – Esha Sharma (left) and Malti Kumar (right)

The event started warming up with singer Jagpreet Grover entertaining the audience with his songs in his powerful voice. He then invited the gorgeous organisers, Esha Sharma and Malti Kumar and charming MC Shallu Kundra to the stage to take over the running of the event. After a brief introduction of the sponsors, the stage was turned into a spectacular show as Shiamak Davar’s dance troupe gave performances from Kerala, Bengal and Maharasthra.

The dressed up ladies were also invited on the stage via a lucky draw for a catwalk as they looked stunning in their cultural wear. Everyone had a smile on their face as Sakhi celebration had something for everyone in store. There were prizes for the loudest table, quizzes about States and the oldest Sakhi (75 years old). The shopaholics were busy checking out the latest Indian dresses and exquisite jewellery at the stalls. While the paparazzi ladies were busy getting photos clicked at the vibrant photo booths, others were dancing in abandon on the dance floor to famous Bollywood numbers!

The event was a success with 500 ladies in attendance and sold out three weeks in advance. The team behind organising Sakhi celebration, Esha Sharma and Malti Kumar have been working hard planning this event for the past five months. “We wanted to give the ladies of Sydney a day where they can celebrate womanhood, friendship, style and Indian culture in a fun way. We chose the theme ”˜Kashmir to Kanyakumari’ to acknowledge the multiculturalism Indian society we are living in.

Master of Ceremonies Shallu Kundra

The ladies themselves go back a long way in friendship. “We have been friends since the last 16 years, and both of us love to socialise and organise parties. We wanted to take our efforts further and go for something bigger and exciting to tap on a bigger audience”.

Despite the show being a stupendous success since three years in a row, Malti and Esha give all the credit to their friends who have helped out. Now that’s what you call a ”˜Sakhi celebration’ in a true sense!

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