Teeyan celebrated by Punjabans of Sydney

By Manju Mittal

The annual event Teeyan Mela was a great success with thousands of Punjabans, an exceptional experience of the traditional Punjabi festival in Sydney on Sunday of July 9, 2017 at Bowman Hall, Blacktown. Teeyan ( Teej ) is a favourite Indian festival especially with ladies, observed at the onset of the monsoon season. In Indian tradition it is dedicated to the god of rain, imploring to bring the monsoon to India’s farms, so that the farmers can reap a bountiful harvest. Teeyan is clebrated in the saawan month that is the rainy days around July.

Teeyan festival is the only one event which is “Ladies only” as ladies come forward and show their hidden talent. Teeyan is special festival that depicts Punjabi culture and to women the important roles they play in their families . It denotes celebration of women as they gather together to dance, sing, participate and rejoice about being women.

As one entered the hall at the Teeyan event; swing, charkha displayed in complete traditional setting decorated with beautiful flowers, women dressed with Punjabi Phulkari duppata caught everyone’s eays. It was as if one has walked into a typical Punjabi village. All the women had a wonderful time as they pampered each other, there were many beauty stalls selling jewellery, Indian outfits, handicrafts, grooming corner especially mehndi ( henna ) had all lined up for intricate motifs.

The audience got a chance to be a part of the Teeyan celebrations through the contests and the entertainment. The title of Teeyan 2017 was conferred on few lucky ones. Navneet Kaur was the winner of Miss Teeyan and Mrs Teeyan, Sandeep Walia with Maninder Kaur and Simarjeet Kaur who got the runner up titles.

Michelle Rowland, MP and Moninder Singh were chief guests of this very colourful festival and they equally seemed at ease and enjoyed the event fully.

Event organiser Kamaldeep Kaur said, “I feel privileged and proud to organise this colourful event, I always support arts and culture, Events like these are possible with the support of our community and we have a great team of volunteers who all chip in.”

At the end of the event young girls and mums were on “Giddha floor” followed by DJ. Dance and masti kept the ladies on their feet including many young children.

Kudos to the team of the event Varun Tiwari and Kamaldeep Kaur and their tireless effort made the day fun for everyone.


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