When Sydney couldn’t stop laughing to Amit Tandon’s comedy!

By Neeru Saluja

Stand-up comedian Amit Tandon created ripples of non-stop laughter with his debut performance in Sydney. As he touched many chords by recalling what it is living and growing up in India, the ”˜married guy’ lived up to his reputation with highly relevant comedy that he had prepared for the audience here.

With two sold out shows in Sydney and a non-stop tour in seven cities across down under, Heart and Soul Productions delivered a series of high quality shows of clean and non-stop entertainment. With an option of an afternoon and evening show in Sydney, families and young parents got a chance to watch their favourite comedian live at an affordable price.

The Performing Arts Centre at Dural was the perfect venue for a tightly packed comedy show. As Amit Tandon’s fans eagerly took their seats, MC Shailja Chandra arrived on stage welcoming the audience and explaining the do’s and don’ts. Local music talent Jasmine Gill, Jagpreet Grover and Srijani Dan warmed up the audience with their melodious duet before Amit Tandon arrived.

As soon as Amit walked in, his simple yet witty demeanour won the audience. As he touched on topics such as Indian weddings, shopping experience with the spouse, Indian parenting and the significance of a ”˜maid’, there was not one single dull moment.

Amit Tandon is one rare comedian who can connect to the audience without depending on foul language or any double meaning jokes. His style of comedy is clean based on observations from daily incidents of life. And that is the main reason why Indians love him so much. He didn’t need any props, colourful costumes or music to entertain his audience. This down-to-earth comedian did all his magic with one mike and the delivery of his dialogue!

He also managed to engage with the audience without making fun of them. When he talked about the ”˜maid’ concept in Australia and India, the ladies sitting in the audience could not resist commenting. With his content mainly focussed on the ”˜middle class’ upbringing in India, his points went straight home for many.

 Amit with organisers Arun Nanda and Rushi Dave

Behind the laughter of this show, the organisers Arun Nanda and Rushi Dave from ”˜Heart and Soul’ Productions worked diligently for the past six months to bring together this production. “The Sydney show was sold out a month in advance and we had to add an extra show in Melbourne and Adelaide due to huge demand. This is the first time a renowned Indian performer of high calibre has performed in Canberra and Newcastle,” said the organisers. “We believe in promoting local talent and bringing international talent with a good quality production.”









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