Bhajan singer Krishna says spiritual music rejuvenates and gives mental peace

 By Rekha Rajvanshi

I went to Regents Park Sai temple and heard his beautiful voice. Sometimes passion takes over the profession and that is the case with Krishnaji who started his devotional singing journey 24 years ago. An exceptional bhajan singer who is visiting Australia these days, a child psychologist by profession, he talks about how he came to be known as bhajan singer Krishna, here’s an interview:

Krishnaji, tell me something about yourself and your journey

I grew up in Delhi and started singing when I was at school. I studied child psychology and my real name is Dr Sanjeev Arora. Once I sang Krishna Bhajan, which had Krishna-Krishna at the end, audience loved it and named me as ”˜Krishna.’

When and how did you start singing?

My family loves music and my parents used to sing. My first music inspiration came from my family. I gave my first public performance at the age of 21. I was fortunate that people loved my singing; they started inviting me to temples and spiritual events.

I have performed all around the world, Europe, Canada, Middle East – Dubai, Sharjah etc. Sometimes I go from temple to temple, I can sing non-stop for five hours.

Are you still working as a child psychologist?

Yes, that is my profession and music is my passion. During the day, I work with children and their parents, counselling them and resolving behavioural issues of children. In the evening, I go to the temples or programs and sing which gives me immense happiness.  I maintain a balance between my work and passion.

How is your experience in Australia?

It is wonderful. I have been singing in various concerts in Sydney and Canberra. I enjoy singing Bhajans, I feel very happy when I see the audience singing and dancing along on the tunes of my Bhajans. People are loving me here and I love them. I am blessed and honoured to be here. My special thanks to Mala Makhijani, editor of Sai Maa Times ji for taking the initiative and organising this spiritual trip. I also thank Rajiv and Geeta Bhandula for their hospitality in Sydney.

Music gives us mental peace, balances our karmas and fills the void in our lives. Spiritual songs rejuvenate us, especially when Krishna sings.

Krishna is readily available to sing for anyone in Australia. You can contact him on- 91 92119 96655




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