Five Pleats launch of beautiful sarees a treat for Sydney ladies

By Manju Mittal

Five Pleats with models walking down the ramp in extravagant Indian traditional sarees was officially launched in Sydney on Thursday evening August 24, 2017, at Concord Function Centre, Concord. The colourful rich ensemble was put up by Sydney’s Poornima Menon. She showcased not only her passion and love for sarees but presented in style a variety and diversity of Indian weaves and embroidery portrayed through a rich saree collection she has acquired over time. Poornima has been working on the collection for the last two years, travelling to various states in India and observing and learning the complex processes involved in producing a saree.

The exhibition was a great success with about more than a hundred saree lovers and their partners who sat totally smitten by the exquisite apparel on display. An array of selected pieces chosen were creative, beautifully constructed and presented by our beautiful models. The fashion show presented an appealing concept that showcased the very best of Indian traditional Sarees. Audience cheered when the models walked the ramp, creatively draped in sarees, presented an explosion of colour in intricate delicate designs as each and every traditional saree was one better than the other.

Five Pleats collection of sarees was brought to life by Sydney’s gorgeous mums, models that walked the ramp were Charu Sharna, Sheila Nair, Steffi Kuriakose, Smeeta Nair, Sunipa Herbert and Tanya Das as they dazzled all strutting their sarees in high heels, make up, hair styles utterly wooing the audience. Make-up artist Beautymonks by Inderpreet Kaur did a stunning job on the girls.

Poornima Menon said she loves sarees, “I have decided to turn my passion into a business venture. My motive is to give back directly to the weavers for all the hard work and handiwork they do.   I have always been a fan of the six yard wonder which has been my favourite clothing of choice. The ”˜6 yard’ is intrinsically woven with the fabric of India’s cultural heritage and diversity. The work of the weavers and the artisans, the intricacies and complexities that go into the weaving this uncut piece of fabric simply fascinates me. During my travel through India, I have always made it a point to add the weave borne out of various regions in my trousseau”.

Not only India fascinates all as a country of colours and tradition, its styles and materials have always been sought by designers worldwide. Saree is India’s unique invention and an exclusive garment, its material, the fabric and its colours and ingenuous designs are so exciting that no can escape the charm a saree carries for one and all. Saree has lately fascinated many an Australian MPs who flaunt by wearing sarees at Indian functions. Currently we have seen Jody McKay, Julie Owen, Julia Finn and Michele Rowland wearing sarees quite often. Speaking on the evening Jody McKay said, “I love wearing sarees and I am totally fascinated by them.” She said that she has more than 40 sarees in her wardrobe.

Highlight of the event was Poornima’s description and explanation about each and every saree piece from different parts of India.  The audience was shown a video presentation of hand weaving process workshop which was quite informative. The evening was just perfect and the whole experience quite professional in its appeal. Perhaps, one of the first and most enjoyable Saree fashion show in Sydney one has witnessed.

Well Sydney ! why not try a Five Pleats Saree as Diwali is just around the corner.

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