Have you received your Marriage Law Postal Survey?

September 25, 2017. Today the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirmed that more than 16 million Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey packages had been dispatched to eligible Australians, and people should have now received their forms.

ABS Deputy Australian Statistician and Taskforce Lead, Jonathan Palmer, said this marked a significant milestone in the survey process.

“The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey is a big logistical process, and we appreciate Australia Post’s support in getting more than 16 million envelopes on their way,” he said.

Mr Palmer said that any eligible Australians who had not yet received their survey materials (for reasons such as an out of date address or being away from home), or anyone with a lost or damaged form, should contact the ABS and request a replacement form.

“The quickest and easiest way to contact us and request a replacement form is via our  website. You will be sent a replacement form, and the original form will be made invalid.

“Anyone unable to go online, can visit one of our capital city or regional pick-up locations or call the Information Line on  1800 572 113,” he said.

The replacement survey materials will contain a new survey form, a Reply Paid envelope and instructions on how to complete the form.

Requests for new survey materials close on Friday 20 October 2017, at 6pm (local time).

Mr Palmer encouraged people to complete and return their form as quickly as possible.

“We’re strongly encouraging people to post their completed surveys back to the ABS by 27 October 2017,” he said.

Results from the survey will be published on the ABS website on 15 November 2017.

For more information on the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, please visit  www.marriagesurvey.abs.gov.au

Marriage Survey DOs and DON’Ts
Want to have your say in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey? Great! To ensure that your views are heard, the ABS has prepared some straightforward advice on how to receive, complete, and return your survey form.

  • Complete your survey form promptly, and return it right away.
  • Just answer ”˜yes’ or ”˜no’ by marking one box only on your form.
  • If your Electoral Roll details are out of date. You can provide us with your new address via the  online form on the ABS website.
  • If haven’t yet received your survey, order a replacement form via our  online form  up until to 20 October 2017.


  • Don’t try to sell your form online! It’s illegal.
  • Don’t put photos of your survey form on social media, especially the unique barcode.
  • Don’t open mail that’s not addressed to you, unless the addressee has authorised you to. It’s a crime!
  • Don’t put anything other than your survey form in the Reply Paid envelope.

For more information on the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, please visit  www.marriagesurvey.abs.gov.au

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