Pink Finss charity organises annual race day for breast cancer

By Manju Mittal

On Thursday afternoon on September 21, 2017, I had the honour of attending Pink Finss charity race day at Hawkesbury Racecourse. The annual event raised awareness and funds for victims of breast cancer and their families. Breast cancer survivor and founder Jodie Amor has been assisting Pink Finss fundraising efforts for the past seven years.

The day was a huge success with large number of people who came together to support the event. Ladies dressed in many hues of pink looked pretty giving an atmosphere of unity and strength, among them many survivors and fighters of the dreaded disease and also present were those who support the cause with great enthusiasm.

“This is charity’s major fundraiser for the year and the money raised from this race day has to sustain the women and families that we support for at least six months,” Ms Jodie Amor said.

Kelly Gillies has been the MC of the Pink Finss Charity race day for four years.  Kelly herself touched by cancer, someone who knows only too well the taxing effect a cancer diagnosis has on all concerned. Kelly welcomed the guests and spoke about the cause, focusing on the importance of support provided to women during their cancer journey. Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women in Australia. It has affected many as one hears heart rending stories of women who have lost their lives to the disease. Not only just the women the whole family around them is also affected. Pink Finss provides these women a feeling of community and support.

Jodie Amor shared her own touching story of how cancer impacted her life. I caught up with two breast cancer survivors during the event as they talked about their experiences in fighting breast cancer and how they fought it.

The charity thanked major sponsors Richmond Club, Bedrock, Angels Florist, Griffin Air Conditioning, Ontrak Engineering, EHI, T & L Fowler and The Bachmayer Orthodontic Clinic and all local businesses who donated prizes. Other supporters were race day committee members: Jodie Amor, Shelley Brackley, Kym Burton, Kirsten Carey, Jacqueline Delarue, Emma-Jane Garrow, Nadia Masonwells, Maria Miller, Joel Pamplin, Jane Thompson, Margaret Rudd and Katie Bannon.

The event provided valuable information and ended with a raffle and an auction draw. The whole process and set up on the day was just perfect, activities for women included a photo booth, pop up store on the grass outside, displayed in complete elegance highlighted by beautiful flowers. It was as if no one wanted the day to end.

My sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer recently in India, her lump was discovered early and she is currently undergoing treatment. I am thankful to Pink Finss for an informative afternoon filled with inspiration, hope, joy, all dressed in pink, the laughter and meeting up with other women who had all been through similar experiences and realised my sister is not alone in this journey. Surely all what I experienced on the day I can relate the message from Pink Finss to my sister and give her the moral support she desperately needs at the moment.

Jodie Amor could be an example for women someone who inspires all with her courage and is helping increase awareness about breast cancer, how one can catch it early by getting oneself screened as a preventative measure and improve their chances of survival.

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