Samudra Radhakrishnan and Samy Rahman winners of Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence


Awards celebrate excellence in public schools

13 September 2017. Education Minister Rob Stokes today honoured the most outstanding students,  teachers and parents across NSW public schools in the Minister’s Awards for Excellence for 2017.

Mr Stokes said the awards highlight the tremendous contribution that students,  teachers, principals, parents and school communities make to public education.

“Congratulations to all award winners who have worked hard to contribute positively  to the educational fabric of their school communities.” Mr Stokes said.
The Minister also used the ceremony to thank not just the winners, but also everyone  across the state who works together in the pursuit of knowledge.

“Schools are just empty buildings without the students, teachers, and parents that  make them great.” Mr Stokes said.

Awards were presented to 35 students, 37 staff and eight parents from across NSW.

Samudra Radhakrishnan, Girraween High School  

Samudra is a highly motivated and gifted student, who has consistently demonstrated high-level academic ability, across all subjects. She has achieved the highest level of Principal’s Awards (Magna Cum Laude) as well as 28 Recognition Awards in all subject  areas;  she has received All Round Excellence Awards six times and has been ranked in the top 2% in the world in the 2013 Gold Language Perfect Awards. Samudra has also excelled in the sporting arena, receiving 11 awards in athletics and basketball, and as well as participating in Touch Football and coaching basketball in 2014. She also involves herself in various cultural activities such as drama, music and dance. Samudra is passionate about community service and is undertaking the Gold award for the Duke of Edinburgh program  and winning the ADF Long Tan Leadership Award in 2014.    In 2016 Samudra was selected to represent the school at the Regional United States Forum and also that year, she travelled to Fiji to work alongside the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement.

Samy Rahman, Canterbury Boys High School  

Samy has consistently strived for excellence in all areas, while a student at Canterbury Boys High School. As a result, he has received many awards in recognition for his hard work and commitment.   These awards include receiving the prestigious Cantabrian Award (for exemplifying values  of truth and honour).    Samy has proven himself to be a strong leader through his work on the Student Representative Council in 2014 and 2015, winning the Shaun Tan Leadership Award in 2015 and becoming Vice-Captain in 2017. In addition to playing cricket and soccer, Samy likes to get involved with the wider school community through involvement with the local BUPA Aged Care Centre, tutoring primary school students at the Salvation Army and participating in the Lawyers in Schools Program and the UNSW Aspire program.


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