SBS India map creates community furore


Wrong map used by SBS video news report

A map of India with Jammu & Kashmir shown as a disputed territory by SBS on the occasion of India’s 70th Independence Day, and not the map used by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), riled the Indian community in Australia.

The Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) Australia took it upon themselves to protest to SBS in regard to their biased Indian coverage, also repeated several times in the past.

In their response, SBS Acting Executive Producer, Steve Wilson, maintained that the map showed Kashmir as a disputed territory and, “as a news organization, it is not our role to take a particular side in disputes”. He further invited the representation to make a complaint to the SBS Ombudsman if they were not satisfied with his response.

The OFBJP considered this response unsatisfactory and called for a meeting of Indian community leaders in Sydney on August 19. A committee of ten members was formed to enrol community support and approach the Minister of Communication, Mitch Fifield.

According to OFBJP Australia president, Balesh Singh Dhankad, the community response was overwhelming with more than 5000 members joining in the email protest that was forwarded to the Minister.

Mr Dhankad cited several controversial areas internationally, including Tibet, which SBS does not care to show as disputed. Then, why Kashmir, particularly, he said. He also quoted several SBS news in the past that had bias against India.

Corrected map of India now used in the video report

Although there is no official response, Mr Dhankad says that the Indian map now used by SBS follows the DFAT version.


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