Sydney Telanganites celebrate Bathukamma – A Festival of Flowers

Rekha Rajvanshi

Bathukamma is floral festival celebrated by the Hindu women of Telangana. It is celebrated during Navarathris to honour goddess Gouri referred to as Bathukamma. In Telugu, ‘Bathukamma’ means ‘Come alive Mother Goddess’. Bathukamma known as a spring festival, is the second largest festival after Vijaya Dashami in Telangana Region.

In Sydney, Bathukamma festival was celebrated at Belhaven Manor in Wentowthville  on September 23rd, 2017; giving an impression of a Telangana village air. VIPs on the day were Hon. Matt Kean, Dr Geoff Lee MP and Julie Owens, MP who also witnessed this great festival of India.

Sydney Bathukamma and Dussehra Festival Inc. organized the annual Bathukamma festival with such a traditional flavour that everyone who attended as well as the participants felt the great festive fervour down under. Telangana tradition reflected throughout the entire day in lush green and pleasant weather alongside the running creek.

During the festival Telanganite families turned up in huge numbers around 700 to 800, participants also the non-Telanganites who were very much impressed by the rich Bathukamma tradition celebrated with lots of enthusiasm.

Women with bright, colorful Bathukammas, made from attractive flowers, assembled at the venue and celebrated the festivity by using native Telangana clapping, circling and singing Bathukamma songs. Grand procession was also held welcoming the women carrying Bathukammas and later immersed Bathukammas in the nearby Parramatta running creek.

Elders/visiting parents were invited to explain the significance of Bathukamma festival in Telangana tradition and life style to young generation.

Event also included cultural activities-dances and songs. Various activities for youth and children followed by treat of a delicious Telangana dinner.

Prizes were also distributed to those who brought Bathukammas. Heartfelt vote of thanks was conveyed to Sydney Bathukamma and Dussehra Festival Inc., to the guests, sponsors, organizers and volunteers for their continuous support since 2005. Foundation committee members – Anil Munagala, Govardhan Muddam, Vinay Yama, Sheshi Mannem, Pradeep Reddy, Pradeep Thedla, Sumesh, Surya: Kishore Reddy, Vasu Tootukur, David Bichapogu, Sandeep Munagala, Ram Gummadavalli, Prashanth adaparthi, Kiran Alluri and Sunil worked hard to make Bathukamma successful. They also vowed to take this momentum forward in organizing more events that propel the rich and grand Telangana culture.

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